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My oldest has been really over worked for the past two months. She had goats kidding, then bottle feeding and selling kids, then 3 of the does got sick. Two are well now, but that was extra hours of caring for them and giving shots, not to mention, schoolwork, writing papers, maintaining her website, and making and shipping products.


Even though I firmly believe in eating only whole and natural foods, I found that she was skipping meals because she was so busy, sometimes only eating once a day.


I thought I was doing her a favor by buying a couple of boxes of gluten free cereal bars. Well this last week has been much worse. It is hard to describe, but she has been in a daze, we have actually had her tested for absence seizures when she has been this way in the past. Her face has been slack, and her eyes droopy. It reminds me of how you can tell by a person's face when they are drunk no matter how much they deny it.


Yesterday, her friend called me and said that she could tell my

Miss Good's voice that she had eaten something she reacted to. We haven't been to any restaurants, so that couldn't be it. Sure enough, everyone of the cereal bars I bought have MSG in them!


We threw them away, and she is already improving this morning. Does anyone else have such a strong reaction to MSG? Even though I saw it with my own eyes, I'm incredulous that her reaction to it is so extreme.


It is a good thing we are going to the farmers market this morning. I'll buy out the produce stand, and quit looking for an easy short cut.

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While not that extreme, my children do have a strong reaction to MSG. I had cut it almost completely out of our diet until I gave in to Goldfish last week at the store. They were BOGO so I decided to let each kid get a bag. BIG MISTAKE. It took almost 2 days to get a 6 oz. snack out of their bodies. The change in the kids was within minutes. I felt like I was talking to highly mobile concrete walls who bounced off everything and each other. Even DH commented after putting them to bed that something was wrong with them.


I'm glad your dd is recovering quickly. It's amazing to me what just a little bit of that stuff will do.

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MSG gives dh and several of our dc severe migraines, the type that include numb limbs, vomiting, vision problems, and occasionally inability to breathe. It puts them flat on their back. Really it's dreadful. Sulfites and nuts also trigger migraines in some of them.


We are very careful what they eat. The hardest part is when people don't understand. They think MSG-free is just some sort of health kick we're on, but the truth is there are people who are severely allergic to MSG, just like some people are allergic to dairy, nuts, etc.

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