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Bible Bee?

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DS and I did it last year. It's not a just the kid thing. When you get the materials, there was stuff for a binder for ds, one for dh and one for me. I did not tell them we had older sibs coming along for the ride. DH isn't one to lead a Bible study for the family so I let him off the hook and ds and I just did it ourselves. We probably didn't get everything out of it we could have but it was a good study.


I really felt like I was the sane one on competition day. I was the one who didn't drink the cool-aid. That may be the group I was with too. It irked me that I had to stay on site the whole time, I couldn't even run out to the car.


DS did ok, not wonderfully. He didn't advance to the next step.


I feel like I learned a lot but I didn't know (realize?) going in that I would be doing it. So much for what I had planned for me for the summer.


The study was a good study. DS put a lot of effort into the memory work. He's hidden a lot of God's word in his heart. He keeps asking me if we are doing it again this year. I keep turning it back on him and asking if he wants to. Then he gets really quiet and doesn't know if he wants to or not.

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I helped coordinate the Bible Bee in our area the very first year. I signed my daughter up to participate as well, but ended up letting her drop out. It was, at that point, an incredible amount of memorization--pretty much total recall of a huge number of scriptures, both long and short passages. I felt like it asked way too much of kids, particularly since their goal was to get kids really into studying the Bible. Of the over 100 kids who signed up to participate in our area, we only had about 30 actually compete, so I guess I wasn't the only one who felt this way. However, because I also got to participate as a judge and actually watched the kids who DID participate, I was so proud of them and feel that it was definitely worthwhile for them. It was just too much for US (and the majority of the other kids who signed up, apparently). My thought at the time was that the point of doing something should be to do it well, and there was just no way to do Bible Bee "well" without massive amounts of study time.


I do think that the program has adapted over the couple of years that it has been occurring, and even with the second year I heard that they had made it easier, especially with the youngest kids.

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Bumping this b/c I'm wondering the same thing. And we live in Cincinnati, close to the OP? Interesting...:001_smile:


Yes, this is interesting! I was actually at the site earlier today. It looks like the closest group to me is the one in Goshen so we may be there. Let me know if you (or anyone else!) plans to do it this year!:)

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We participated the first year, but couldn't agree to their Statement of Faith after that. I know a family for whom the program worked really well and they say it has had a huge impact on their family and faith.

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We signed up for it last summer, and gave it the good college try, but to be honest, it was a LOT of work for my kids, and was to the point of ruining our summer (that sounds awful, but it's true).


I realized I don't mind being a teacher during the school year, but for the 6-8 week break we do in the summer, I want to just be Mommy.


The questions were pretty difficult, and we eventually jumped ship; my 7 year olds were supposed to look up all the times a certain word occurred in the Bible by using Strong's Concordance, and some of the Bible verses seemed really randomly-selected.


The Bible study was neat, and in-depth, and on target, but just - above our heads. We also participate in the Fresh Air Fund as a family ministry project, and I didn't want our child from the Bronx sitting in on 1-2 hours of INTENSE Bible study every day, kwim?


I hope this isn't too critical; it's an organization and an effort I admire and respect, but is not a good fit for our family.

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