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Gift instead of payment?

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A good friend of ours - she is middle child's godmother. She and her dh led my dh and I to Christ. We have dinner with them every week. She and her dh are listed in our wills as our children's guardians. Very good friends.


OK, a good friend of ours is teaching both my girls this year. They meet once a week for 2 hours for each class. She is teaching my oldest mythology. This class was not open to my middle. She is teaching my middle cooking science. This class was open to both but oldest chose not to take it. So my girls are over there for 4 hours every Monday. She is doing this for free!


I want to get her (or her family) something nice as a thank you for doing this. Their academic goals for their kids aren't as very different from ours so offering to teach her kids a class in return wouldn't be feasible. Her kids wouldn't be taking the class the same year mine would be and may not take said class at all.


Any ideas?

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