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PA Portfolio question...

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It is due by June 30th. Of course, the paperwork my district sent me says June 15th, and I will very much enjoy correcting their error.:D


Yep, June 30 regardless of what your district says.

You'll have to show it to the evaluator first, of course, and that is more likely to be sometime in May.


One tip someone shared with me years ago was to get a binder and some sheet protectors, and when you generate something that would make nice portfolio fodder, put it in the binder. In the spring, you can assess what you have and what additional material you may want or need, with plenty of time left to create/gather it. It's nice to have at least part of the port kind of make itself as you go along, so you're not starting from scratch.


Over time, as my kids have grown and I've gotten more experience, I've morphed into the "throw it all in a box and sort it out in early May" mode, followed by "assume there will be written pieces on the computer for various major subjects so it can wait until the week before my evaluation" mode. I no longer even use a binder; I just print/copy a few key things and use a heavy-duty stapler or a GBC binding.


My web site's step-by-step portfolio page, as well as my portfolio summaries page, may be helpful.

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