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HELP!! My toddler is biting her nails!

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She just turned two and is no longer using a pacifier and lately I have been catching her chewing on her nails... A lot!


Yes, I keep them cut short. It doesn't matter. It's like the act of chewing on them is what drives her, not how long they are. Neither of my boys does this and no one in my family does so I am really perplexed as to what to do.


I just keeping moving her fingers out of her mouth and saying "don't chew your nails". The only time she doesn't do it is if I let her have her pacifier back which doesn't seem like the best way to handle it.


Any suggestions?




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Just give up.


My husband chews his nails.

My son has chewed them since he

was a toddler.


I just don't do anything about it any more.

When his hands are dirty, I do tell

him to keep his hands out of his

mouth. But if they are clean, I let him.


I think it's inherited, and I think it's their



Also, everyone I knew who chewed their

nails in grad school was *super* smart.

I mean the perfect SAT scoring people.

(Including husband.)

All chewed their nails. It makes me feel

better to think of it.


(I don't chew my nails. I don't even know

how. I've tried, and it doesn't work. Also

I didn't have a perfect SAT.)

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Heather, my stepson chews his nails. Has for YEARS. He still does it now at 14.


He chews them down to stubs. It looks gross. Like, totally gross. :tongue_smilie:


He doesn't get scabs or infections or anything, so the only reason I tell him all the time to get his fingers out of his mouth is because of germs. That's so icky to me, to be putting your hands in your mouth all the time. Blech.


I thought for sure once he hit puberty and started being interested in girls, that the social pressure to not have grody looking fingernails would get him to stop. It didn't. We've even tried that nasty tasting fingernail polish you put on. He chewed anyway.


Sigh. I don't know the answer. Hopefully some day he'll decide to quit on his own. He'd probably get sick less often. If it were one of my little boys, I'd just nag them until they quit. :tongue_smilie: But that'd only work because they're always with me, and would get tired of hearing me nag. :D My dss only spends 1/3 of his time here at dad's, and I guess that's not enough time for my nagging to take hold, LOL.

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