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An open invitation to all the moms of 8th graders ...

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Just saw this thread. I don't even know how to articulate my fears about dd14 starting 9th next year. It's so bad at times that if she was willing to go to ps I might let her. She is adamantly opposed to it though so I suppose I will have to suck it up and do my best for her.


I'm mostly concerned with her doing well enough to get scholarships. We aren't in a financial situation to help out much at all with college. SATs, SATIIs, ACT's, leadership roles, extracurricular activities, awards...petrify me. She isn't overly academic, I mean she is self motivated but only to get done. Going above and beyond is not something she does. I'm told that may change in a few years.


I'm going to go back and carefully read through this thread and see if it makes me feel better or worse.:tongue_smilie: I do feel better just knowing that there are many others who are petrified of making the wrong choices, not doing enough, and somehow ruining the chances my dc have at success. You know, misery loves company and all that.

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Okay, Home'school's post made me stop breathing. Then I read creekland's and I'm feeling better. Whew. It really depends on where your dc is heading.


My dd wants to be a vet but she will do her first 4 years (Animal Science or Horse Science Major) at our local state university before moving onto completing a degree in Veterinary Medicine (as it stands now;)). As far as what the 4 yr. state college looks for in the way of credits, I've already mapped it out and I don't think we will have any problems and as of right now she will graduate with 4 more credits than what she needs. I guess I also don't really worry about her grades either, she is very bright and one of those who just seem to be able to score 100 on everything whether she studies or not. I don't see her ever getting into anything that will provide her with awards but I suppose her getting into some type of work with animals is highly likely. I'm sure she will be able to get many recommendations and accumulate lots of "hours".


You know it sounds really goofy but I worry most about her ACT\SAT. I am a terrible test taker and usually freeze up, get sweaty and sick to my stomach if I'm given a test that I know really, really matters. I worry that she will be the same way. We don't do any yearly\state testing right now (not required) because I've always been pretty happy with our progress and now where they need to increase skill, but I think we do need to start testing yearly at least at home just so my dc aren't freaked out by one when the time comes that they have to take them.


Enough rambling...off to read more.

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It really depends on where your dc is heading.


This is the main summary of the post. It sounds like you have a good plan for what your daughter's future is likely to be. ;)


I've been learning to tailor each of my plans to my boys. It works better than way than trying to get them to all fit into one plan.

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I can chime in for a little bit (now that the kids are asleep...insomnia is a blessing sometimes!) with our experiences so far.


My oldest was always homeschooled and she studied at home exclusively (except for the occasional art class or co-op) until she was a Junior. She then started taking dual enrollment classes at the community college. She needed to pass the placement tests in order to do so.


She is also a *terrible* test taker. She did well on the English & Writing sections of the SAT -- 550 range in both -- but she bombed the Math section (450). She was really enjoying her classes at the community college, however, and she decided that she was going to complete her AA degree and then transfer to a 4 year school to complete her BA/BS degree.


So that's what she did. She graduates this year (yay!) and we're currently waiting to hear from her 3 college choices to see where she'll be attending in the Fall.


It's actually been a wonderful experience! We've been able to spend the last few years with her and she's gained a great deal of maturity in the process. It's also saved us some serious $$. Spending her freshman and sophmore years at a state college away from home would've cost around $30,000; being able to take the same classes at the community college will cost less than $10,000.


Our oldest son will graduate in May. He has no college aspirations at the moment. He has high functioning autism, Asperger's syndrome. Right now, he just wants to finish high school! He may or may not choose to attend the community college. He's working on getting his driver's license (a HUGE step for him) as we speak and he wants to get a job. He's always done things at his own pace and on his own timetable, so we're willing to give him the time to do so.


Our youngest son...and the reason I'm in this thread...will be officially in the 8th grade this coming fall, but he's already working at that level now. He's always been a very good student. For the first time, I think I'll have to be watching those threads about AP classes! He's already talking about going to college (and mentioned Duke as his favorite school!) So I have my work cut out for me with this one! :)

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