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I'll be so glad to see DH go back to work ...

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We've all been going bed really late all week, even the little ones have been awake until after midnight, and then sleeping until 11 am. This morning DH decided enough was enough, and blasted the Dr Who theme tune through the Sonos speakers throughout the whole house at 8.30 am. If anything is guaranteed to raise tired little boys from a deep sleep it's the Dr Who theme tune.


Ugh, I need some coffee.



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Mine has decided to do some more mudding on the kitchen ceiling. It didn't turn out quite like he wanted, so he decided to do it over. He added about five times the needed amount and will likely sand so much of it off, he'll be back where he started. Sigh...


Should I post a picture? Right now, I'm just trying not to look up. :glare:


I wish he'd just go back to insulating the floor under the addition. I don't care what that looks like. :tongue_smilie:


On the bright side, it will take so long for that to dry he won't likely sand it before Monday.

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