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I solved the mystery of the missing coffee cup

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In my whirlwind of watching 5 little ones, decluttering, and cleaning up Christmas I decided it was time for a little caffeine. So I went to my beloved Keurig and made a cup or so I thought. I went into the next room and came back. There was no cup. I searched high and low and even started to question my future possibility of having alzhiemers. Seriously, I knew I made that cup! I felt the coffee maker and it was hot. The water level was lower. Where was the coffee? I gave in and decided to make another cup, that is when I discovered coffee dripping down the counter. Yes, that's right. I had made my first cup of coffee sans cup. Do you see why I am needing caffeine so badly right now?

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I can so relate. In my whirlwind of sewing frenzy before Christmas I lost my coffee cup one day. I knew it had coffee in it as I had just refilled it!

I gave up and poured a fresh one. I found it in the cupboard several hours later, along side all the clean coffee cups. :glare:

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