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Help me wrap these

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There are some activities we are planning (well, I have planned) for later in the year.


One is a homeschool ski day or two later in the winter.


Another is passes to a local theme park.


I have not actually purchased these yet as I can't until the dates get closer.


How would you wrap these up?


Are there any websites with nice make it yourself passes to something I could print on card stock?


Thank you!,



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Well, it is WAY too late for that!


I need something I can draw or print out or make in a hurry.




We sent little homemade Lego kits representing the gifts. The recipient builds the kit and then reads a certificate describing the real gift. These were a bit hit.
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Thank you. I ended up taking a heavy duty file folder (used for DH's work, fairly heavy) and cutting it into squares.


Then I cut out letters from a magazine.


The theme park one I just put the pieces in a cup from that theme park to wrap it in.


The other I have in 6 squares and will let each child open an envelope of 2 letters. They will then have to figure it out when they all open their letters! :D



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