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I guess my kids do appreciate me

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I've been doing Latin and algebra so that I can stay ahead of my older kids.


Califlower just walked through and saw I was doing problems on Alcumus. He was totally shocked and observed that I not only did algebra to teach them, but was even doing challenge problems.


Guess I do a few things right.

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There are definitely moments that make it all worthwhile!!


My oldest and I were at odds most of his jr and sr yrs b/c his friends were not doing the same type workload he was and he was constantly being told by them and their parents that my expectations were not realistic. He would argue w/me that I was expecting too much and that he didn't need to do "that much work."


In the middle of his first semester at college, I got a phone call that was very brief. ;) He said, "Mom, there is something I need to tell you. Thank you."


Yesterday that ds walked across the university stage and received his diploma in chemical engineering. They announced "cum laude" after his name. (he actually graduated this summer, but they only walk in May and Dec.) I started blubbering as his life at home flashed before my eyes.......it blows by as quickly as a summer breeze! Now he is married, a new daddy, and a college grad. Hold them tight and love every minute of them!! These are the days you'll be wishing for later on, conflicts and all. Store the gems in your heart so that on the days you want to give up, you can re-fuel yourself to keep forging forward.

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OH MY 8FilltheHEart - you made me cry!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, graduated from college Cum Laude???? And you have a baby at home! You're an amazing woman!


Sebastian - YEAH!!!!! I love those times. I'm doing Latin just a few lessons ahead of my boys. THey were impressed one day when I couldn't check their work b/c I hadn't done that lesson. I had gotten behind. So I sat down and did latin for 45min to catch up. Which reminds me, I think I'm behind again lol. I better hop to it. I too was doing Alcumus and that's something I need to pick up again. ALthough I had switched to doing Number THeory instead.

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