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Oh, Expedit, how I love you!

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I have to say I was never a fan of Ikea. Just not my style. But, I found myself needing more shelving for the schoolroom/offce (again), so I got an Expedit bookshelf ($129) from Ikea. It took me hours to put it together (it's super heavy), but I finally got it done and loaded. Wow! I should have gotten one sooner. How I love vertical storage!

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Another expedit fan here!!! We have an obscene amount of those...


A 4x2 laying horizontally in each of the girls closets...for shoes and toys.

A 4x2 in our room, mounted to the wall for decorative storage and in leu of nightstands.

A 2x2, a 5x5, and two 4x2's in the Homeschool room...all full of books.:001_huh:

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We have 5 expedits (4x2). Love them but our movers hated them, calling them 'space hogs' on the truck when we moved this summer.


I got rid of the kids' dressers and just used their closet for hanging items and the expedit for folded items. The storage system that target (itso?? Something like that) sells fit in the cubes too in case you need a drawer of sorts.

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