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I want to start a book club!

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I just read Outliers by Gladwell.


It's an awesome book. Even my dh thought it was awesome.


But I have no one irl to discuss it with! How frustrating!


I would live to start an adult book club.


But I birthed my last creative brain cell 5 months ago.


How would the hive suggest I go about doing this?

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I was asked to join one by a friend. She emailed a bunch of folks and said she wanted adult conversations about books and who was interested. Some of us joined her, some didn't. We meet once a month. Rotate houses, host picks the book. We try to vary fiction and nonfiction. But I say, go for it!

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I know someone who does this. They rotate houses with the members. The person who hosts is the one who picks the book. They meet once a month, on varying nights. Just whenever everyone can meet. They don't have rules about books. They've done everything from Glen Beck to popular book club picks.


If you decide to do one, you might advertise amongst the WTM people you know in your area. Some of them might have tried to get in a book club and not had it pan out. ;) They might agree not to foist their penchant for urban fantasy on the group.

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