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Any reviews on Nanoblocks?

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One of the Moms at my park day brought some a couple weeks ago.


The blocks are tiny. Really really tiny. She said she used a pair of tweezers to put the pieces together. She also said they are not very structurally sound. The pieces don't stay together nearly as well as Legos do.


She had made a giraffe model and it was far too hard for her 9 year old to put together. The son didn't have the patience to deal with the little pieces and the giraffe falling apart as it was put together.


I think they looked neat, but definitely a big kid toy. Like for a teenager or adult.

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Oh! Nanoblocks have made it to the US?!?!?!




We found Nanoblocks a few years ago when we were in Japan. We LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are very well made --- NOT like Mega blocks!


As another poster stated, they are TINY!! The smaller sets you can do with your fingers, IF you are dexterous. But the bigger sets you'll use tweezers.


Here is my blog post on them from last year: http://mommytobees.typepad.com/mommy_to_bees/2010/04/japanese-toy-nanoblocks.html


Good luck!



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I hate to "steal" business away from Timberdoodle, but we saw them at Toys R Us yesterday.


They look like they would stick to a regular Lego. Most are just one peg width, and about 1 mm height. I was suggesting to my boys that they could mix them with their Legos to make more details creations. They weren't interested . . . and continued diving into the Lego Series 5 mini-figure display (BTW: on sale at Toys R Us this week--2 for $5).


Toys R Us had an end-aisle display, with both larger sets (Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal) and smaller sets (dolphin, white dog)--about 8 sets to choose from, priced $7 to $15 or so. I think you would want to have a Lego brick remover or something else to separate them -- they are small. Box says 4 x 4 mm or something like that.


They would seem to be ideal for an older (14yo?) Lego maniac.

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