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Daily Fitness/stretching/wiggle reducing in youngers

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So we do "school" with our K-er and just wondering if anyone else with a K-er age little one who they do wiggle reducing activities before you start your daily learning?


What do you do? We also are hoping to make it like "exercise/daily activity is good for you and part of a healthy lifestyle"

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We play "Fruit Basket"

We have decided on a particular movement for each fruit-start with just a few.

Ex: Apple=pat your head

Banana=jump up and down

Orange=turn around

Blueberries=big arm circles

and so on


mom says a fruit and everybody does it. mom gets faster and faster.

When mom yells "Fruit Basket" you can do anything--- go crazy!

We also do Super Sonic fast and Slow motion.


We have fun for a few minutes and everyone is ready to sit.

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My kids do a kids' yoga dvd in the morning. If we're running late we skip it and I notice a big difference in their ability to focus and get started when we do the yoga. It's not preachy yoga- mostly just stretches, breathing, and focus moves.

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paige which dvd do you do?


We do the Shanti Generation one. I have 4, 7, and 10yr olds doing it. On amazon it says it is for 7 and up but mine did it last year too and were fine with. It isn't fun and games with a preschool teacher sing songy voice, however, so if your oldest is still very young you may like another one better depending on your style and children's personalities.

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