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SOTW: Student Page 17 - Jewish People Word Search


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Just completed Jewish People Word Search. It said "with the leftover letters, after all the words have been found, answer the bonus riddle. Just write down, in order, the letters that aren't yet circled. They spell the answer."


My leftover letters, in order, do not form anything recognizable. Also, I don't see a "bonus riddle" for the leftover letters to answer.


ALSO - the directions said "all the answer words from the clues are in the word search and only run from left to right." Well, my answers did NOT only run from left to right. JOSEPH was down, ABRAHAM and PHARAOH were all doing down. UR and COAT were diagonal. So did they alter the grid of letters at some point, remove the bonus riddle, and forget to change the directions?



Christie P

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Hmm... I'm looking at our completed word search and indeed, COAT is diagonal. We found "RU" and claimed that as "UR"! :-)


I didn't read the instructions, however. My dd6 is on the young side, and Page 17 would have been a lot of reading, so I just gave her the word search page.


There are so many extra letters, I can't imagine she (or I) could unscramble them to spell anything meaningful. :confused:

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