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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the blue books and placement tests.
  2. Hi, I homeschooled my 10 year old son RightStart for grades k-3 and he went to private school for 4th and they used ABeka 4 which spoon fed him algorithms. He will be homeschooled for 5th grade. I have taught RightStart level D and did not love it though some of it was very good but I'd rather switch to a different program like Math Mammoth or Singapore Math that we can continue on with. Anyone have any advise?
  3. I am right there with you. I am sending my 9 year old whom I've homeschooled to public school next year. He is not his older brother who is the compliant, happy to be homeschooled kid. My 9 year old loved preschool and went to a 5 day young fives program at our church before being homeschool for 1st-3rd. He plays with 4 other same-age boys on our cul-de-sac and he wants to go to school with them. His behavior screamed at me this year that he hated school. I had to cajole him to get out of bed, he negotiated everything. He would keep putting me off when it was time to work one-on-one. He would
  4. Looking at Critical Thinking Company's Editor in Chief series. Any other ideas. This was their weakest area on the Stanford.
  5. Not a huge fan of RS after level D. I have never taught SM and definately will rely on the SE HIG for guidance. I was just wondering if anyone else who switched to SM after using RS could comment on the transition. I'd like to move right into 4A but I have not done any of their placement tests.
  6. $205 vs $99? Is this a good resource for research and learning? I need more educational resources to keep my kids interest while I'm working one on one with the other.
  7. My 12 year old son is taking this class. I am very hands off because they said it was an independent study and I want to see if he can cut it on his own. I signed on to check how he was doing and made him go back to review everything that he missed (i.e study the answer key, go to the index for further explanation of concepts, etc.). In the past I have come too quicky to his aid, and it is time for him to grow up and that means sitting and thinking about the problem. I have demonstrated how to get to the index to research a concept and how to post a question on the forum and when he finally ge
  8. Awesome suggestions. I will definately look into the timbre preference test.
  9. My 12 yr old homeschooled son has been taking piano lessons for 6 years (he's really good) and we will continue this. Our church offers lessons on most instruments and I was thinking of using this rescource and maybe setting him up to cycle through all the teachers to discuss and try out the instruments. He thinks he might want percussion but I think its in his best interests to evaluate all options. I know next to nothing as I never played an instrument so I wanted to ask someone in the "know" what is the ideal way to help a child pick a muscial instrument? Thanks.
  10. YES! And this is a Christian school to boot. When they assigned characters they gave limited details that the kids must stick too, nationality, religious preference, education, health, marital status, etc.
  11. great ideas! His time period is the 1870's. Thanks so much
  12. My 6th grader attends a UMS two days a week and they are doing an Ellis Island simulation next week and he is to dress in "character". Twenty percent of his grade is having a costume that shows evidence of thoughtfulness and creativity. His assigned character is a 25 year old doctor (atheist) immigrating from Sweden whose appearence at Ellis Island is "dissheveled" and "weak". I am not a creative person and I need ideas. We've looked in closets at home and at Papa's and can't even find a decent hat of the time period! Looking for suggestions.
  13. I bought the set from PHP and was glad I did due to the convenience. I taught two boys to read using this program and having the index cards for the games was VERY helpful.
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