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Just got some kefir grains. Tips?

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In my experience kefir grains take a while to get used to their new home. So be patient if they don't produce exactly the desired effect the first go around.


Which ever milk you decide to use, keep using it. I found the best results from using the same milk type every time.


When I went from store milk to raw milk they did take a cycle or two to adapt to their new substrate.


Otherwise I found them to be hardy and adaptable.


We don't do it anymore, mainly because there is only 1 person in the household consuming dairy at the moment.

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We didn't like the coconut kefir. I know other people really enjoy that better but we didn't.


I never measured the milk/grain ratio.


I just added the milk. If you add too much milk it usually just takes longer.


I usually did about 1/2 cup of grains to about 2 quarts of milk. (I'm estimating from memory here)

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