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DD smacked her sister with a leather belt- Really!?

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Stupid things kids do.


Twin DD #2 comes downstairs to show me a HUGE welt on the back of her leg. Then proceeds to tell me that Twin DD #1 smacked her with a belt! :glare::glare: Twin #1 says that she "didn't mean too". Um...right. Maybe you didn't mean to leave a giant welt....but ya meant to swing it at your sister.



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:lol: not about the sister being hurt but the kid logic behind it.


Tonight on our way home from the ER ds8 starts yelling that dd4 kicked him in the head when he bent over. DD4 says "I didn't kick you, I swung my leg into your head" hmmm, in otherwords you kicked him and need to say sorry.


Oh and the reason for the ER visit was ds13 hurt his hand. I got the full story bit by bit before we got the ER and then the rest of it there. Apparently his friend dared him to ride his bike blindfolded. So DS thinking this is the best idea ever pulled his hoodie hood down to his nose so he couldn't see and took off riding down the street. He felt himself tipping so he pulled the hood up just in time to see the side of the truck he was about to hit. He ended up jamming and crushing his pinky between the truck and his handle bar. Like really?? You thought riding your bike blindfolded would be a GOOD idea. Good gravy teens are idiots :lol:

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My sister and I fought something awful growing up, like drawing blood bad. I remember hitting her in the head with a softball from just a few feet away. It knocked her out cold. I somehow convinced my mom that it was totally an accident. :001_huh: Surprisingly, my sister and I get along as adults.

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