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Ideas to welcome new baby

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I've never really done anything special after my babies are born. Whether for the new baby or the older siblings. But this one will most likely be my last baby and I'd like to do some special things.


I was thinking it might be fun to have a birthday party for her with just us and the kids. I'd like to have a birthday cake or something.


I was also thinking I want to do newborn photos. Never did this before either.


Anyone do anything special for baby or siblings when baby was born? Any ideas?


Thanks! :)

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bring the birthday party to the hospital for the new baby. i had planned ahead of time, and had "the baby" get little presents for the older kids, and the older kids brought cupcakes/hats/plates/napkins (that i had purchased ahead of time at the dollar store). but then, we use any excuse for a party.....


people at the hospital always commented it was fun. i think my kids just thought it was normal (like they think eating ice cream out of a mug is normal. once they get to college other kids make them think about what's normal heh heh)

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That sounds fun! My kids are almost the same age, my youngest is 3 not 2 and we are due in Oct.


My last one was born the day before his oldest brother turned 6. So we had a party for big brother and I looked like death warmed over in the pictures...My mom made the cake and I think my BIL came with his family.


This time baby shouldn't come close to anybody's birthday but I plan to have cake ready to go, along with a casserole to take with us to the birth center for afterwards.


Nothing fancy but I remember having one when my youngest brother was born and I want some cake. ;)




PS My friend who promised to do my baby shoot moved....

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Here's what we do:


New DD is bringing older DD a "Big Sister" t-shirt and getting her a doll bed from IKEA for her American Girl doll. New DD is getting DS a "Big Brother" t-shirt and a Toothless dragon from How To Train Your Dragon. We're bringing them to the hospital for new DD to give them the first time they meet.


Older DD is getting new DD some rattles and teething toys. DS is getting new DD a stuffed animal. They'll give her the gifts when they meet her. They know they're giving her stuff and they know she's bringing them something, but they have no idea what she's bringing them.


Then when we come home, we have the kids take her on a tour of the house and show her where everything is. We let them pick things they want to do with her - DS wants to give her her first bath after we get home. DD wants to burp her first and rock her to sleep.


That's pretty much what I have planned. This is our last one too. :)

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What fun! We make everything into a party here, too. :)


We did "welcome home" cakes for both, with baby decorations around the house.


This time the kiddo decorated the cake for the newest, and made/put up decorations for a welcome home party.


We had big brother gifts for the kiddo, along with newborn gifts. New big brother also made a sweet little doll to give to the baby. Lots of pics.


We didn't do much at the hospital, because we are adoptive parents - while we were at the hospital (both times) we were focused more on our kiddos' birth families, and meeting their needs during a hard time in their lives. We didn't celebrate for ourselves until we brought our little bundles home. Doing something at the hospital sure sounds like fun though!

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