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Fine Arts Credit ~ revisited

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Hello Ladies,


I have a specific question regarding this credit. My 16yo ds works at a local play. He plays the same part in the play 4 or 5 nights a week in an outdoor theater as weather permits; May through October. He doesn't have any input as to how his part is played. He does play one of five of guards in the play with different resposibilities for each position. He has no spoken lines, there is a soundtrack that each actor reacts to. He is beginning his 3rd year to do this. He does get paid for this position. Can I award him with a credit?

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take this with a grain of salt, but this sounds much more like an extracurricular project or a job. While it takes time, it doesn't sound like it involves the thinking and learning required for a fine arts credit. For example, if you were to research and find online syllabi for, say, "Introductory Acting" or "Theatre 101" or "Methods and Movement in Drama," (someone stop me! :blushing: ) I would think that you'd find a much wider range of topics, information, and methodology being covered in that class, and if the kids were lucky, a performance as a capstone project to apply what they've learned.


That's my opinion, fwiw.

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she sings with an adult church choir. I can't see the difference between that and a typical high school choir. She has plenty of exposure to music types and we have been and continue to take her to music concerts. I will give a half credit for this year, based on her hours. However, I took a drama class in high school and it really was much more on the history of drama and types of drama. We did very little acting. I would add some history of theater or information about types of drama to beef the course up. That's just my opinion.

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