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BJU math sequence and other math questions

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I also posted on the general board questioning whether or not my kids are "behind" in math". It seems that last year the public school here changed their policy and is now having "average" kids take algebra in 8th and those who are strong in math in 7th grade. They literally changed this policy in a year because last year when my dd was a freshman she had algebra along with 75% of her class. The private school that my dd goes to this year has most students take algebra in 7th or 8th grade.


Specifically for those of you who use BJU math do you finish all of the books before you go on to algebra or do you skip the 7th or 8th grade book? My younger 2 kids are on track to take algebra in 8th grade but now I'm wondering if I should somehow change things to have them start algebra in 7th grade. My ds will be in 5th grade next year and I had planned to have him in the 6th grade BJU book. My dd will be in 8th grade and I was planning on starting her in algebra next year (Lial's) but now I'm wondering if I should possibly double up math with her next year.

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I don't see the virtue of hyper-accelerating into algebra if you don't have a math-driven kid who will continue math through all the high school years or have access to the higher levels of instruction. I'd just think about where you're going with it and WHY you're wanting to jump on that bandwagon. I'm all for giving more math opportunities to kids who want them and picking up the pace, but what happens if you do algebra 1 in 7th, geo in 8th, algebra 2 in 9th, and then the peter out with precalc in 10th? At that point they've taken as much math as some kids ever take, may have exhausted their interest or abilities, and only have *2*, a whole whopping *2* units of math to list on their high school transcripts. Some colleges will consider math taken in 7th or 8th and some won't. So I'd think about the long-term picture for your kids and not get caught up in the bandwagon thing. As long as you have a moderate, sensible pace and it comes out at the same place, you're fine.


And no, I'd only double up if you have a very math-driven dc. I did geometry in summer school as a kid to catch up with the change in sequences with changing school, so that's another option to consider.

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and now-a-days the accelerated kids who have always been bored in regular classes are demanding they be allowed access to challenging classes.


Our school system is also offering Algebra to many 7th graders. I don't think it's "standard" - but it's certainly a much larger percentage than those in my middle school who took Algebra in *8th*.


The snag that isn't touted quite so loudly is that the high schools are also offering Algebra 1 spread out over two years (with two years worth of credit). So, see, I think what they're really doing is trying to meet everyone where they're at rather than forcing them to conform to a "one size fits all". It think it's certainly admirable, though (just like reading this board sometimes) it can make the "average" appear as "less-than".


I would do what's best for you and your dc. Of course, I say this even though I'm currently worried about the new high school maths being offered here integrating Algebra, Geometry and *Statistics* over 3 years rather than sticking to a more traditional sequence (where do I find *Statistics* anyway?!?!?!?)




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