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  1. Thank you everyone for all of the help. I gave her the information and we are both going to look into it in our towns. I'm also going to look into buying some online. I just need to make another EBay and Paypal account since it's probably been 7-18 years since I've used it. She hasn't seen her room yet. I think she will on Monday. She starts in 2 weeks so that deosnt give her a lot of time. Apparently she does get a small stipend but she has a lot she Needs for the classroom since she is expecting the furniture but not much else. She will need to supply anything else.
  2. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and she lives in Florida.
  3. I would love that if you have the time. It's been a long time since I had a 4th grader.
  4. My dd is a 2nd year teacher. Last year was pre-k but this year is 4th grade at a new school. She is trying to build her classroom library from scratch and doesn't get a stipend. It's a new classroom this year. The first year they will have 4th grade. I could absolutely kick myself for getting rid of all of our homeschooling books and many reading books. What was I thinking? We used to have so many books after homeschooling 14 years. All my kids are grown now 😢 Anyway money is tight for her and she moved out of state. I'm trying to figure out ways to help her. What wo
  5. I am so sorry for your loss. You and your son have been a true example of unrelenting faith. I pray that you feel God's warmth surround you as well as knowing how many people you have touched. We may not know you IRL but please know that so many of us are praying for you and thinking of you.
  6. I've been searching for a cultural geography textbook for my daughter for next year (10th grade). This year she did Runkle Geography textbook and I was going to give her 1/2 credit for it. Runkle covers physical geography and this year I wanted to learn more about cultural geography. I also noticed that the schools near us have a full credit for geography in high school that is called cultural geography. I just came across BJU Cultural Geography and it looks like what I was looking for. The problem is that I was only planning on spending one semester on this but it is a meaty book (640
  7. My understanding is that you can sign up for their courses as a homeschooler but if you want to receive credit you need to do that through a private or public school. They don't actually award credits-just a certificate of completion. I don't think that this will matter since I would be giving her a homeschool diploma anyway or she will possibly be transferring to another school as a junior.
  8. I just discovered that Illinois has a virtual school. I was wondering if anyone has experience with any of their classes. I was thinking about having my daughter take the French 1 class and perhaps the meteorology class.
  9. I'm ready to pull my hair out. I know that I can do this but it has been such a stressful year. DD's insomnia is still very severe and to top it all off she needs an MRI for her knee next week but that's a whole different story. My dh and I decided that unless a miracle happens there is no way that she will be able to attend private high school next year either. My husband is uneasy about this since he feels that she needs to learn social skills and to learn to cope with various kids and teachers. We decided that we would enroll her at the local high school for one class each semester.
  10. I was thinking about having my dd do an ACT prep class next year as a sophomore and have this count as 1/2 credit. I know that our local school offers this class for 1/2 credit. If you have awarded credit for this class when did your student take it and what did you include? I was actually thinking about doing a combination of ACT test prep and study skills class with something like Teaching Company Super Star Student.
  11. What does your lineup for 7th grade look like? My son will be in 7th grade next year. He will be going to private or public school for high school so I really want to do all that I can the next two years to really prepare him. Unfortunately I don't feel that this has been the most successful year. A big part I blame on myself. We have had a rough year medically with my middle daughter and most weeks we have had 1-3 doctor type appointments a week. So much focus has been placed on her. Many times I've had to rush through work with my son in the morning so that I could leave on time to
  12. What do you give your own children for a high school graduation gift? Any ideas? Maybe a little more information would be helpful. She will be going to a local collegel and living at home the first year so she doesn't need anything for the dorm. She is going to school to become an elementary school teacher. She has already been blessed (spoiled) with an Ipod, phone and laptop so she doesn't need anything like that. I am looking for something that would be meaningful or something that she could really use as she gets older. I'm trying to convince my husband to take her on his next bus
  13. I am so sorry. I can't imagine what you are going through. :grouphug: I am miles away from you but can I help in anyway?
  14. I was in shock but my dh just bought me an Ipad for a Mother's Day/birthday gift. So far I have downloaded a few pictures, songs, a few books, a movie and a few aps. Are there any "must haves" that you would suggest?
  15. Actually this coach has given his son two game balls. The first time he just pitched a shut out inning (my son has had several). Yesterday though his son truly deserved a game ball. I don't feel that he favors his son though. We are quite involved with the team and are friends with the coach so that isn't the problem. I know that this sounds a bit conceited but my son is really one of the best players on the team so it isn't that he isn't getting noticed. The other assistant coaches are always saying how he should have played up a level or on the travel team. I don't think that th
  16. That is a big reason why my daughters quit dance. My girls had a wonderful dance director one of the instructors took over. At that studio things were still pretty tame but then that teacher quit. My daughters were forced to pick between a new teacher and follow the instructor to her new studio. The new teacher brought over girls from her old studio and those were her favorites. She basically snubbed all the other girls. So my daughters chose to follow their instructor to the new studio. They quit after a month when they realized what kinds of outfits they would wear and dances they
  17. I think that is a great idea. Regardless of how much we tell my ds that he is doing a great job it means more if it is coming from his coach. He feels that somehow if he doesn't get a game ball that he doesn't deserve it. I think it is great to point out things like some of the weaker playing kids getting a hit or an out but I think it is equally important to encourage the stronger players when they do something good. I love the fact that your dh has all the kids encourage each other. I will have to suggest that to my husband if he ever is the head coach again. My son's coach f
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