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  1. Wow! It's been 7 years since a family emergency stopped our homeschooling adventure mid-school year. Now I teach general music in a K-5th elementary school - using Kodaly methods which are very classical in nature. Still haven't tossed any of my WTM/WEM purchases, and just wondering if there are any online options for WEM-centric book clubs. From what I remember, and what I see scrolling, this forum isn't really a place where people all decide to read a book together and come here to discuss. But a lot has changed here!! Have looked for a "real live" WEM book club in Atlanta, but no l
  2. Can't remember who sung that song.....and probably anyone reading this is too young to know! Also can't believe my log-in still works - thanks SWB'
  3. That must be it - I figured it was either HWOT or one I had gotten but can't remember the name of! Thanks!
  4. I know there *is* a handwriting curriculum that starts with "c" and then builds other letters from "c" - but I can't remember which one it is. Does that sound familiar to anyone? (Asking for a friend whose son is struggling in public school....) Thanks! Rhonda
  5. Hi Rhonda! I see you logged in recently. Just wondering how things have been going for you!

  6. :iagree: Thankfully, I signed my DS up for a Lost Tools of Writing class with Memoria Press. It's supposed to be a credit by itself, but I will probably end up pairing it with the English scheduled in MFW. I just don't have the time or the expertise to choose books to supplement MFW's literature. (We are using MFW's World History, if "using" is the right word - LOL! I don't even use their history anymore. It's a shame because the Bible and Church History portion is so well done.)
  7. I know this isn't what you were asking ... but my DS's favorite class this year by far is Memoria Press's LTOW Class. I'm very impressed with everything he's learning, but mostly that he is applying it across the board to all his writing assignments. Best of luck!
  8. Thanks! I kept thinking "Junior" (as in Junior College) and couldn't figure out what in the world the E would stand for... I am grateful for this thread, especially since we don't seem to have the same type of Community Colleges as other states. It has motivated me to call the very-close what-used-to-be-called "Junior College" next week. Their website was very homeschool-friendly, so I'm feeling much less anxious about the whole thing.
  9. I always wonder that myself. I really don't know if I am "evangelical" or not. Everyone seems to have their own usage for the word and I sometimes wonder if anyone really knows exactly what it means - LOL! But, I would really like to nail it down as my 13 and 15yo boys are starting to ask if we are, or if we should be, or if we shouldn't be "evangelical" - and I don't know what to say. (ETA: I went to Wikipedia and tried to figure out if it would apply to us or not. I think I/we are somewhat "evangelical" and somewhat not - LOL! But, I have several beliefs that I hold quietly because
  10. Hunter, Sorry to detour from the original intent of the thread, but I'm so glad you posted this. I think you nailed my DS's experiences perfectly. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into their world. You've given me much food for thought this morning.
  11. I had forgotten about video. (I knew something would come up from the board!) I looked for the TC at our library. It's not there - but there are *tons* of others that look really interesting. Thanks~
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