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Carpet shampooer/cleaner/steamer bands help please

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I don't know. I am buying a Bissell tomorrow, now I'm worried. Meijer has one for 20$ off of 199 and if I use my Meijer cc tomorrow I can get another 15% off. I had a bissell that I got at a garage sales a couple summers ago, but only paid $10 for it.

Actually I also looked up Consumer Reports info. I have pictures of the articles if you pm you e-mail I will send them to you. Hoover Max is best cheaper cleaner. I may go with that one instead of the Bissell

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We have a Rug Doctor and have had it for about 4 or 5 years. It cost around $600-$700, but we decided that renting one for $25 per day (the rate at the time) would eventually come out to that much anyway. We use it about 4 times a year, but occasionally for spot cleaning also if a mess was made.


ETA: looking at the Rug Doctor website, I see they have refurbished machines at $425 with a 5 year warranty. I'd definitely go for one of those if I were shopping for one. We have never had a problem with any refurbished item we've bought.

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We've had a Bissell (purchased from Costco) for three years now. Haven't had any problems with it other than our then puppy eating through the cord in two places. Luckily dh was able to repair the cord. The Bissell has gotten a ton of use because of the above mentioned puppy and a cat that gets hair balls and throws up constantly. Also, our carpet is an off white/taupe color and shows any and all dirt.

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