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  1. Thanks everyone, for all of your suggestions. The problem I'm having is that these are all people with established homes/lifestyles and they're all foodies. They buy what they want or need. They have all the kinds of "stuff" that you would normally think of in this situation. I considered Penzey's but when I looked at their options, I didn't really see anything unique that would work since everyone already has great spices. I did see a package on Crate Joy that might work. I should know in the next couple of days if I'm buying for a female or male or both (dh and I each need to buy a gift. Guess who is buying his).
  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far! I'm thinking the food type items might work. They're all foodies, so it might be a challenge to find something new. Any suggestions in that area (or other suggestions?)? TIA
  3. We will be doing a gift exchange with a $30 max with adults. The majority are 55-65 years old, but I don't know who we'll get. There are also a few 30ish year olds. I won't know what their interests or needs are so I'm hoping for something kind of universal. Would rather not do gift cards. They are all pretty well off (we're not) so are able to purchase anything they need. The one cool gift I have found this year is one I purchased for a gift exchange at work. I happened to draw the name of a woman who loves to read, so I ordered the November package from www.onceuponabookclub. I'm really looking forward to giving it to her.
  4. Hail, fellow Washingtonian!

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