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  1. Thanks everyone, for all of your suggestions. The problem I'm having is that these are all people with established homes/lifestyles and they're all foodies. They buy what they want or need. They have all the kinds of "stuff" that you would normally think of in this situation. I considered Penzey's but when I looked at their options, I didn't really see anything unique that would work since everyone already has great spices. I did see a package on Crate Joy that might work. I should know in the next couple of days if I'm buying for a female or male or both (dh and I each need to buy a gift. Guess who is buying his).
  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far! I'm thinking the food type items might work. They're all foodies, so it might be a challenge to find something new. Any suggestions in that area (or other suggestions?)? TIA
  3. We will be doing a gift exchange with a $30 max with adults. The majority are 55-65 years old, but I don't know who we'll get. There are also a few 30ish year olds. I won't know what their interests or needs are so I'm hoping for something kind of universal. Would rather not do gift cards. They are all pretty well off (we're not) so are able to purchase anything they need. The one cool gift I have found this year is one I purchased for a gift exchange at work. I happened to draw the name of a woman who loves to read, so I ordered the November package from www.onceuponabookclub. I'm really looking forward to giving it to her.
  4. Thanks! I'll check. Off to work now. Will check later to see if anyone has more info/suggestions.
  5. She will have a card, but not "gold". She has a flight into and out of Nairobi, but not spending any time there. She'll be a very small "remote" village. Thank you!
  6. No, I checked with our HR Benefits Coordinator and it doesn't cover this situation. Glad your mom had insurance to cover her situation. No insurance would have made it all that more scary and stressful. Stuff happens. Hopefully we won't need the insurance, but I want it just in case.
  7. The university purchased the tickets, so I have no idea about anything.
  8. Dd was supposed to have been checking into that. But, now of course, everything is closed. She said she'd email her prof, but still haven't heard anything.
  9. Thank you! I've been looking online, but was quickly overwhelmed. I don't want to get "taken". Medical evac is one of the priorities I have for the insurance. It is an amazing opportunity for her. The prof has promised to help her get a couple of papers published. She's very excited and I'm trying not to worry too much. Dd is able to look back and see how much she benefited from HSing. It's given her a huge advantage in college.
  10. My daughter will be traveling to Africa (Kenya and Rwanda) next month with her prof to work on a research project. I found out that our medical insurance doesn't cover international travel. I'd like to be sure dd is covered in case of emergency or illness as she'll be there for 6 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Years and years ago (long before going low carb), my inlaws came to our house for a Christmas dinner. I made this recipe and it was wonderful. I'd totally forgotten about it until now. Gulliver's Corn 2 bags frozen white kernel corn (defrosted). (I like to use one bag of white kernel corn and one of yellow.) -- (16 oz each) 1 1/2 cups whipping cream. 2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 3 tbsp flour mixed with 3 tbsp melted butter or margarine 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese Butter an ovenproof baking dish. (I like to use those disposable foil pans since I'm generally bringing the dish to someone else's house.) Set aside. Sprinkle 2-3 tbsp parmesan over the butter, tilting the pan to distribute the cheese. Bring the whipping cream to a boil. Reduce the heat and add corn. Simmer for 5 minutes. Stir in salt and sugar. Make a paste out of the butter and flour, and stir into the corn and cook until the mixture boils and thickens. Turn corn into oven proof dish, sprinkle with cheese and dot with butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until bubbling and golden brown. (Note that this dish can be refrigerated for up to 4 days before baking.)
  12. Is there a meal that is your mil's favorite?
  13. I made this cake for a relatives 40th birthday party. There were people, who after have a piece, asked if they could also take a piece home with them. It uses a bunch of prepackaged foods, but you could definitely sub in your own recipes. It also looked amazing. I've been sugar/gluten/carb free for almost 4 years, so probably won't ever make this cake again. It is a show-stopper dessert, though. * Exported from MasterCook * Cheesecake-Stuffed Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe By : Serving Size : 0 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Cakes & Frostings Pizzas To Try Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ------------ -------------------------------- Unsweetened cocoa 1 package devil’s food cake mix -- (18.25 oz.) 1 package chocolate instant pudding mix -- (3.4 oz.) 3 large eggs 1 1/4 cups cups milk 1 cup canola oil 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract 1 1/2 teaspoons chocolate extract (optional) 1 tsp. almond extract 3 milk chocolate bars -- (1.55 oz.) chopped (tested with Hersheys) 3 cans homestyle cream cheese frosting -- (16 oz.) 3 boxes frozen cheesecake bites -- (7.75 oz.) coarsely chopped (tested with Sara Lee) 1 jar dulce de leche caramel sauce (tested with Smuckers) -- (12 oz.) Double chocolate rolled wafer cookies -- coarsely broken (tested with Pirouline) Chocolate fudge rolled wafer cookies -- coarsely broken (tested with Pepperidge Farm) Grease 2 (9â€) round cake pans, and dust with cocoa. Beat cake mix and next 7 ingredients at low speed with an electric mixer 1 minute; then beat at medium speed 2 minutes. Fold in chopped milk chocolate bars. Pour batter into prepared pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 32 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly touched. Cool cake in pans on wire racks 10 minutes; remove from pans, and cool completely on wire racks. Wrap and chill cake layers at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours. (This step enables you to split cake layers with ease.) Using a serrated knife, slice cake layers in half horizontally to make 4 layers. Place 1 layer, cut side up, on a cake plate. Spread with ½ cup cream cheese frosting; sprinkle with one-fourth of chopped cheesecake bites. Repeat procedure with remaining 3 layers, frosting, and cheesecake bites, omitting cheesecake bites on top of last layer. Frost sides and top of cake with remaining frosting. Drizzle desired amount of caramel sauce over cake, letting it drip down sides. Chill until ready to serve. Decorate cake with rolled wafer cookies and remaining chopped cheesecake bites. Store in refrigerator. Yield: 12 servings Source: "Christmas with Southern Living 2007" My notes: I used three different flavors of cheesecake bites - caramel, chocolate, and cookies & cream - one kind on each layer. I also found devil's food pudding mix instead of the chocolate. I subbed Dove chocolate ice cream topping for the caramel.
  14. This year I'm getting a couple of people usb slippers. They plug into your computer or laptop and warm up. Think Geek has a couple of styles available. I bought myself a pair because starting this time of year my feet get cold. On the weekend I oftentimes spend some time sitting with my laptop and this way I have warm feet.
  15. Great thread! I've been keto for 3 1/2 years - health reasons. I'm leaning towards Zero Carb but am just not quite ready to take the plunge. I eat primarily meat and a little dairy, eggs and nuts (macs and pistachios). Occasionally I eat a small salad (if I'm at a restaurant), but really no other vegetables. I'm loving that so many others are making the switch! My "go to" meals when I don't feel like cooking are eggs or beef patties. Sometimes both at the same time. Love a burger patty with a fried egg on top. Quick and easy. I make a big batch of deviled eggs on Sundays to take to work for snacks during the week. I usually have 1/2 as morning snack and 1/2 as afternoon snack. I do splurge on dark chocolate. Lily's Chocolates and Chocoperfection bars are my favorites - sugar-free, sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Bone broth is amazing stuff. If you haven't made it yet, give it a try. Makes a great fall/winter breakfast. I sometimes add a bit of cream to it. I'm considering doing a major splurge for the 4th. I haven't had any fruit in all this time, but am thinking about making a low carb cheesecake from All Day I Dream About Food - No Bake Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake. I've wanted to make it for a long time but was concerned about the strawberry aspect of it. I'm thinking that if I make it for a lot of people, I can have a taste and not have to deal with the leftovers. And, if there are leftovers, I can take them to work to share. It's one of those "should I or shouldn't I" decisions. I'll probably go ahead and make it and just have a taste. That's one of the great things about LC. The cravings go away and you aren't driven by them anymore.
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