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Are there any other Turner Syndrome parents here?

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I'm curious - i haven't run into any in the Homeschool World. TS girls seem to have stuff stacked against them genetically, it's been hard. We are plugging away - slowly - with reading and math. Sigh......


DD is going to be 9 next month and is Mosaic Tuner.


In case you don't know what Turner's is and are curious - here you go! :D



Here she is about a year ago at Disney! LOL!!!


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No, no Turner's here but my girls were tested for it.


Both of mine have POLG-1 and LHON---one is a mitochondrial DNA mutation and the other is a nuclear DNA mutation. They are the only 2 known cases in the world right now to have both types of mutations. My 12dd also has another mutation but I don't know which one it is yet---more research is going on.


We have learning delays, seizures, mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, mild CP, etc. from these mutation. They are both very small and we are hoping for 4'10" as adults but not sure if they will make that.


What learning needs does your dd have? I might be able to help even though the causes of our problems are different.

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I have a daughter with turner sydrome. She is now 23 years of age. My daughter has dyscalculia. A maths dyslexia and has had problems with reading.Only one to one lessons worked with maths. I had to get a private tutor in the end. She still needs help. Did not understand the concept of maths at all.

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