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Is anyone going to the MomHeart conference this weekend?

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I am. DH gave it to me from Christmas. I'm excited but I'm starting to think I'll be the only one there I know! I so don't like being the only one I know somewhere. But I'm so looking forward to it.


It's labeled as Raleigh/Durham on the website. I'm local so I'm not staying at the hotel.


Anyone else going to be there? I'd love to meet someone I sort of know!

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I'm so sad that I'm not able to attend this year. I've gone for the past two years and have been so renewed by Sally's talks and the time spend with like-minded women. I know a number of people that are going...you will be in good company! I wanted so badly to go, but couldn't make it work out (schedule-wise or financially). I had to choose between Sally's conference or the homeschool convention in Greenville, SC later this month. Have fun and tell us all about when you get back!

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It's an interesting relationship. We don't do anything together or as a family, but we used to. Our husbands used to work at the same place and they became friends. She and I aren't friends but we're more than just acquaintances.


The husband called last night and asked if one of our girls could babysit tonight. I don't know where he's going, but she'll be at the conference with me.

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