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Preschool suggestions

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Our younger son drives us all mad with his activity level and volume. He was in trouble three times by 8am for being too loud. He regularly jumps on the couch, jumps from the coffee table to the couch, jumps off the stairs, makes a wide variety of noise for the sake of being noisy (ie. shaking head with his lips hanging loose and vocalizing, growling, blowing raspberry-like noises, yelling random sounds), talks loudly almost all the time, etc. BTW, he JUST woke his sister up from her nap which means there's a good chance she'll be cranky a good part of the day; this is a regular occurrence.


Right now my kids take swimming lessons one time a week for half an hour. My older two kids' lessons are paid for by our virtual academy during the school year. We pay out of pocket for our younger son, who will be 4 on Monday, to join them. He REALLY wanted to swim too. Our youngest loves the water but we can't afford to pay for her, too, so she's stuck watching or staying home if my husband is available. Lessons will end in June at the very latest since the school doesn't pay for summer classes.


I'd like to find something to replace swimming when lessons end, or even before. It's a 45 minute drive to the lessons since we've moved.


I have $65 per month to spend. Is there anything I can do with that?

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I would look into soccer. Lots of running. Good for expending energy and learning to work with a team is useful. Karate is also good for expending energy and learning self control. Good luck. I have one of those too! :glare:

Is there soccer for a child just turning 4 years old ? If there is, all that running around would be a great way to burn off that extra energy that get's them into trouble.

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Here is a list of soccer classes in our area. I think one of them is close to you. We did this last Spring, and the boys had fun, but be warned they play even when it is pouring down rain! I liked it because it was non-competitive and there were no Saturday games, just fun skills training.




ETA: Some of the classes are on Sat., the ones near us were not, but yours might be.


Also, most Co-op preschools will be in your price range, but you would need to help out in the class 2-3 times a month. The prices may be slightly lower further South, but drop-off preschools here start at around $100/mo and go up to $400/mo.

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I can only find one cooperative preschool, and it must be for first time mothers with a lot of time on their hands. It costs $115 a month and requires a bunch of other stuff:


requires you help in the classroom 2-3 times a month

provide snack once per month

participate in 9 family education & class meetings per year

participate in one work party per year

sign up for and do a "preschool job" (ie. helper coordinator, grounds maintenance, etc)

participate in fund raising or buy out for $100


What do you do with your other kids while you are helping, attending meetings and work parties, and working your preschool job?:confused:


Kidz Love Soccer is $75 a month and meets on Saturday evenings (4:40 to 5:10 for the younger group or 5:15 to 5:45 for the older group...he could do either). I really hate evening classes. I've given in on taekwondo for my older son because he is very committed to continuing for life but I really dislike our evenings those days.


I did find an "All Sports" class that meets Saturday mornings that might work. It's cheap enough and during a time my other son has taekwondo so it works without our schedule.


BTW, can anyone tell me why he was slamming an apple into his forehead repeatedly? And did it again after I told him to stop...twice?

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For our co-op preschool I hired a sitter for my younger, but the other co-op in town actually runs a nursery for younger siblings in a separate room. You might call and ask if yours has an option like that if you are interested. Your older kids could help in the nursery while you are working in the class, or they could bring work and do it in another location.


The preschool "jobs" are frequently ones that can be done from home, like making playdough or washing art smocks.


Our parent education classes were usually at night, so Dads could do the childcare while Moms went.


It might be a situation that could work for you, but it would take some careful planning and may be more work than it is worth depending on the circumstances.

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Not sure about your area, but around here parks & rec offers a variety of kid activities, like tumbling or karate, for $30ish a month.


Don't know about the apple, but my guys are constantly jumping on, off, and over the couch. I'm going to have DS4 start joining me to walk the dog, either on his big wheel or maybe a 3 wheel scooter. I may sign him up for tumbling too.

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