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Combine 7th and 5th grade History and Science


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ACS's Middle School Chemistry would blend those ages nicely for science. The actual curriculum is free for the printing, but you'll need some basic experiment supplies. If you search in the logic stage forum for it there's a thread with every supply listed in it.


Veritas Press history would also blend them if you add some WTM style writing assignments and extra reading for the older kid. On their website the elementary history sets are assigned to specific grades in grades 2-6, but each history kit is geared to teach everyone on that spectrum.

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Heart of Dakota would definitely be super easy to combine these grades together. There's a lot of "meat" in there...so much so that some use the guides with a few extras for high school. I'd suggest a level that is right on level for your 5th grader and then use the extension pack for adding additional indepdenent work for your 7th grader that takes about half an hour...that would keep them both together, yet meet both of their needs without a need to tweak up or down.


The guide is very reasonably priced and you can buy just the book packs for history, science, and extensions in order to use the guide for only those selected subjects.

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