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Summer school

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Just finishing Teaching Textbooks 6 (didn't start until end of January, when pulled kid out of public school). Other years I have used summer for getting a son started on VideoText algerba (when had only a 15-16 month window to get it done before high school),or had kids do their 40-lesson Abeka state study in 20 days.

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I announced to dh last night that summer school starts on Monday. :) We've been on break for 2 weeks and I'm ready for a little structure...I think I'd feel differently if we had a pool.


So, all will be doing math and some form of writing. For 5yo that is HWT, for 8yo copywork from Happy Scribe, 11yo & 13yo will work through Remedia Press's Outlining Workbook.

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My dd will continue with her algebra and history until she finishes the books. I bought Computer Science Pure and Simple to do with them both over the summer. Of course ds got all excited when it came in the mail yesterday and has already completed 3 lessons in it. I guess it's a good thing I bought the second book too. I might try to get a head start on some of the things that take us longer too.

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