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Need a book about U.S. Presidents for early elementary


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Any good suggestions? My dd has a lot of questions about all the presidents so I'm looking for a book that has short biographies of each U.S. President. She is 6 but her reading ability is advanced. I would be able to read it to her, as well. Something around 3rd grade level would be perfect. I'm finding a lot of 6th grade level books but they look just a bit too difficult with a bit too much information. Thanks!

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My son is SO into Presidents right now, and our house is full of all kinds of books about them. :)


His favorite right now is Book of the Presidents. I would put it at a 3rd, maybe 4th grade level. There are lots of pictures and at least 2, sometimes more, pages about each President.


Another book I'll recommend, especially due to the age of your DD, is Kids Meet the Presidents. It has die cut portraits on each page which my son loved. Also, it is written like each President is speaking to the child. This was easy for my son to understand and it also made it a bit more informal, which I think works for the younger kids. There are quite a few "fun facts" in this book, things that I had never read before. Worth a look, I think. :)



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I've got the timeline worksheets from November Monthly Ideas Scholastic $1.00 sale stuck up on my wall right now.


I have a friend who stay stays at my apartment a few nights a week and despite being a college graduate, she didn't know George Washinton was a president and thought that Ben Franklin was :-0


I quickly hit print, grabbed some poster putty, stuck them to the wall and said, "These are the presidents!"


She has been watching a documentary on Netflix about Truman and is fascinated with it. She's coming a long way quickly, now :-)


Thank you everyone for all the links. I'll be checking them all out.

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There is a series called "Encyclopedia of Presidents". I think they are wonderful. My fourth grader is reading them now. They are full of information surrounding the presidency and the president himself. There are also pictures, timelines and other reference books noted in the back. I found them at our local library.


Good luck!


Marsha :001_smile:

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