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Some more individual math choosing help needed (Saxon vs MM)


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There are lots of threads discussing this, I have even started a couple. However, I am still on the fence of buying the complete MM package while it is available through the coop, so I thought I might look for some more feedback.


We are currently using Saxon 1 for my K-er. It is OK, but takes forever, not dd's favorite part of the day, and I think she is memorizing the "rule" and not necessarily grasping the concept. Hence our looking into MM. I love the simplicity of just one book, the look is interesting, and I just like the way they do math, it is how I do it although I don't really know why. These are my concerns:

DD is not mathy. In our current program she is doing fine but she may not "get" it right away, but after a few days she has it down without any addition help or supplement.

Her favorite part of math is the manipulatives, she gets so excited when she sees pattern blocks or geoboards.

Knowing those things, is mm obviously not a good fit? I keep wanting to think there is something out there better for us, but maybe it is just wishful thinking. . . thanks for your thoughts!

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RS or Miquon are probably a better fit for that age, both are good programs that use manipulatives. You can switch to MM when she is older and doesn't need the manipulatives as much.


My daughter is still not "mathy," but a switch to Singapore and the supplementation with RS really helped her to start thinking more mathematically, and her math ITBS scores went up after the switch.

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Have you tried some sample grade one pages with her? I would start there. See how she does with them.


You can always add manipulatives as needed. I've brought out the base 10 blocks a couple times in 1B. 1B also uses an abacus at the beginning.


I don't think a child has to be mathy to do MM.


How about just buying the grade 1 book while it's 20% off? The HSBC sale will come again. No, you won't save as much, but it's still a great deal. Better to spend an extra $26 over time than to spend $100 and find out something doesn't work, kwim?


I started MM in September last year, or maybe August. Whenever it was, HSBC was having the sale at that time also. I bought just grade 1, since I didn't know if it would be right for us or not. It ended up working great, and I had to buy grade 2 as well (both were 20% off when I bought them), and now I'll get the whole light blue package through HSBC. It will still be cheaper than buying individual grade levels. And this way, I know it's the right choice.

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You can go to MM site she has a sale right now through the 25th. Perhaps stick with Saxon and try using the Blue series for additional practice. I think those downloads are only 2 to 5 five dollars. If your daughter needs additional help with just addition or subtraction. For example. The rules with MM are at the beginning of the chapter, with the list of recommended games. You can study out how the concept is presented prior to teaching your child.


I just had to make the agonizing choice of choosing math curriculum. So I understand what you are going through. I ordered Saxon with the manipulatives and when I got it here so I could really review it. I decided it was not the program for me. So I decided to look at CLE then I found MM. I decided to purchase MM I may still purchase CLE since it so cheap as a supplement. Good luck with your choice.

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