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Is is important if an on-line distance learning program is accredited?

I'm thinking of having ds take an elective course for 1/2 credit through an on-line high school. I'm having difficulty seeing if it's "accredited", but I'm not even sure that matters for us. If I'm preparing a transcript, and I'm simply putting down "Music Appreciation" or "Art History I", and either of those courses were taken on-line, does it matter if they're accredited?

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For us, for the most part, no. Much of my dc's transcript is comprised of homegrown studies, co-op classes or local tutorials, all of which are not accredited. Because ds1 applied only to 2 state universities, though, we did seek out some outside accredited courses. We also felt that, accredited or not, an AP grade gave sufficient validation. I think an SAT II would do the same. If you're not looking for outside grade validation, but just to fill an academic need, then I wouldn't worry about accreditation so long as the class is good and fits for you.



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I'd worry more about whether the provider is experienced with the technology and whether the instructor has some experience/understanding of teaching online. There are a lot of online courses springing up, and some are well done and some are not, just as you'd find if you went looking locally for that sort of thing.


I've taught college classes both online and in person for over a decade and take graduate-level courses myself on an ongoing basis, and the skills are slightly different for each media. Some of the professors I know are wonderful in the classroom and truly awful online. The online delivery method is not easy to do well and actually takes the teacher longer to put together if it is done properly. So I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to online classes, although we'll probably do one or two next year for my oldest from establish providers.

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