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My plan at the moment was to go through SSL with my kids, then head into Prima Latina when that was done. I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews for PL and LC, though. What do you all think? I loved the idea of DVDs with the curriculum (I never took Latin, flunked HS French. Languages are definitely not my strong suit), and the CDs, and that it seemed to be quite Christian based. I want something that's going to work, though, too. ;-)

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PL isn't for everyone. It isn't really lively and the DVD (which I depend on) is rather dry and sometimes has mistakes (in pronounciation - as the teacher will say something two completely different ways if you are paying attention). My kids get sleepy watching it.


*I* like it. It is gentle & looks like it will lead into LCI very well because they've already learned a little of the vocab & ideas before ramping up in LCI. The kids put up with it. We only have the last five chapters to go.


If you are looking for "fun," you'll have to liven it up yourself. If you are looking for a gentle intro to LCI & then FF1, etc., I think it is just fine. (Your oldest could probably go straight into LC I.)


Some people don't use the DVD. I've tried to just use the pronounciation CD, but I dislike it. It must be because I am a visual learner?? We use it as review in the car.


My older two have really learned a lot of Latin vocab & today translated a Latin sentence that was in the paper (something like, "Christini sunt anima mundi."). They recognize a lot of latin in things that are said around them (numbers, "stella" is the name of a nearby town, "contra," etc.).


So, match that with what you are looking for. It isn't "fun." The DVD is *extremely* helpful for teaching but sometimes annoying for the kids. It is gentle but contains a lot of vocab & a few key concepts. My kids have learned a lot from it.


We plan to do Minimus as a "fun" over-the-summer program so they don't lose what they've learned in PL & do LC I in the fall.

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