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Need advice on exchange student

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We will be having a French exchange student staying with us for 2 weeks in March. We've never done anything like this before so I am looking for any advice as to what to do and especially what NOT to do as far as making him comfortable and welcome here.


He is coming with a group of about 6 or so other students, and I have already been in touch with another family about setting up some outings with them. There is plenty for us to take him to for sight-seeing stuff around here, and he will only be here thru 2 weekends (the rest of the time he will be going to school with my daughter and doing that type of stuff).


He is 17 and my daughter is 16. Any advice from someone who has been there/done that would be appreciated! You know, what you wish you didn't do, what helped you out the most, etc. I am trying to be zen about this and focusing on the experience this will bring, but I just want to make sure I don't drive him or myself crazy!

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Having been in the position of being an exchange student and living with one in our home as a kid, I would say schedule as much together time as possible for those two weeks. Try to turn off the TV a little more (not that he won't be curious about TV here) and spend time with him, take him out on the weekends, to church if you do that, play some family games, have a cup of tea after dinner and just chat. Ask him about France, let him ask you about the USA. Be kind. Have fun.


I think that in two weeks he may drive you nuts, and you may drive him nuts (less likely), but you can also develop a life long friendship (and have a place to go when you want to visit France sometime in the future!) :)

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I agree with the advice to spend time with him, but I'd modify it a bit: Be available to spend time with him, but don't insist on it all the time.


If you are available, then he will be able to spend time with you according to his level of energy for cross-cultural communication, which can be exhausting for some people. I agree with "turn your TV off," go out to different places, BUT... don't just drag him all over, if he really needs some time to reflect.



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I was an exchange student when I was 10 or 11 and I do remember being deadly bored when we were at the house of the family we stayed with, we were placed in pairs with a friend. But basically the family didn't do anything when they were at home. So I would recommend making sure your exchange student is fairly busy all the time even if its just playing outside or something, we spent all our time in the bedroom at the house.

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