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For fun: What school stuff have you found on PaperbackSwap and BookMooch?

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I'll go first. So far, for next year, I've collected the following from PaperbackSwap and BookMooch to add to books I already have on our shelves:


Flatland -- A supplement for math


The World Religions: Our Great Wisdom Traditions


--For world religions

(I'm still hoping for one more book for this class. I have a few on my wish lists and will see what becomes available.)

Two versions of The Odyssey and one of The Iliad

Hamilton's Mythology

Dateline Troy

The King Must Die

Goddess of Yesterday

The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Before Achilles

Plutarch’s Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans

Ovid’s Metamorphoses

--For a Greek-mythology-focused English class

I see other folks mentioning that they use these sites, too. I'm wondering what great stuff you've found?

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I use Bookmooch (as Paperback swap is only available in the USA) and have got more than 450 books over the last 4 years.


Without Bookmooch we'd have read very few of the SOTW supplemental books as our local library had only 2 books from the SOTW1 and 2 lists!! I never bothered to look for SOTW 3&4.

I spent a lot of time putting in wishlists for the reading lists from SOTW, Sonlight, Veritas, etc. and it has been absolutely worth it.


One of the first books I got was Gombrich's 'A Little History of the World'.


The most recent 'winners' are:

Herstory: Woman who changed the world

A concise history of South Africa (which came from the USA :))

The Royal Diaries, American girl and Girls of Many lands series. I have never seen these in bookshops here and my daughter loves them.

Usborne books for Ancient history

James Herriot's Treasury for Children


Homeschool curriculum has included 'My Pals are Here Science', 'Singapore Math', 'LLATL' and 'R&S Grammar' .

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I used paperbackswap since 2007. Over the years I've received some great gems.


Lots of readers for school

Singapore Math workbooks and solution guides

Dolciani 1975 Algebra book and 1960's Geometry (score!)

Our Earth Science text for next year entitled The Good Earth. Took a chance for a credit and looks like a decent intro to Earth Science. A college text but accessible for high school



There are plenty of other great books I've received, but I'm drawing a blank right now.

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