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Picasso Exhibit in Virginia


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Yes! It should be awesome! Blessed that I live close by. We'll go in March, once the initial crowd dies down.


One thing we found, though, is that the museum is not really kid oriented. It's definitely an adult place. My kids refer to it as the place where there is "no touching, no loud talking, no running, or even skipping." Granted, my kids are good, but they are still kids. On a visit a few weeks ago, guard chided us for letting my oldest push her brother in the stroller. He said only someone over twelve was allowed to push a child in a stroller at the museum. !?!


So if you have wiggly ones, give them a chance to run around outside first. There's also the Children's Museum of Richmond a few blocks away.

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Yeah, they usually have employees around to make sure nothing gets touched or damaged. They do have displays every once in a while that are for children to touch and play with, so I think they do the best they can under the circumstances. They've probably had an instance of an child crashing a stroller into something. After watching my daughter try to push a grocery cart in the store I can definitely see the possiblity there ;)

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I was just coming to post this, but I'll just bump yours up.



It will only be there until May 15 so time is short. This is a great show of a very famous artist. I highly reccomend if you are in the area go see it. I am so glad we did.


The show cost $20. but they have student memberships for $10 and you get a free exhibit ticket to the show. We took our HSLDA membership card. I think that is just for high school/college students though.


I think it is going to San Francisco next.

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Fabulous exhibit. Get the audio player for the tour, it really adds to the experience. Even my 3 year old enjoyed looking at the many pictures playing "I spy" with all the works.

oh yes that made it so much better. you can download the audio free at the museum website. so ds and I both had one.


and what will be nice is I can look the pictures up on line someday and relisten to the audio

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