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Anybody from the SW FL area?

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We are in SW FL on vacation for the next week and I'm wondering if there is anything we should be sure to do or not miss while we're here! We are especially looking for some smaller low-cost things that we might otherwise miss...


Babcock Ranch


Pirate Cruise


Edison House (we're planning on the parade of lights too)




Sanible Island


Manitee Park


Mixon Fruit Farm


beach time!


Anything that is a "can't miss" this that we've missed? Thanks! We are from MN visiting my Dad and his wife. We are in HEAVEN in this weather!! We swam outside in the pool today and it was just gorgeous!! I told my dh I may not go back home! ;-)

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Depending on how far south you are, you might want to take a side trip down to Everglades City. There are some animal sanctuaries/zoos where you can take a tour of the glades and hold a small gator. And you can take a boat tour of the islands off the coast (this was ds's favorite part, we saw tons of dolphins and other wildlife). There are hiking trails and such as well. When we were there last time we even spent part of our visit just driving down back roads looking for wild gators. And yes, we did see a few. :D

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Mixon is fun, Edison is great, Mote is fun and sometimes has homeschool events, as does G Wiz, The Childrens Garden in Sarasota is nice and a book to read to go with it is Snuffy the dragon..sorry can't remember the whole name, it's late. Siesta Key is a beautiful must see beach, so is Desoto State Park. Have fun. Shelling in the am at sanibel is fun too!

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