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Black History Month resources?


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We just watched 2 Disney movies:


- "Ruby Bridges"

- "Selma, Lord, Selma" (true story about an 8-year-old girl who marched on Bloody Sunday)


"Nightjohn" is another I got, but we haven't watched it yet because I don't want my younger two to see it. It's about an escaped slave, I think.


My son just watched "Remember the Titans" Friday night. Denzel Washington stars as the coach of a newly integrated football team in 1971. He and his friends loved this one (of course).


Also 25-30 min DVDs:


- Harriet Tubman (from Schlessinger's Animated Hero Classics series)

- George Washington Carver (from Schlessinger's Inventors of the World Series)


There's a good one on MLK, I think it's called "My Friend Martin". It's animated but is about kids in middle school that go back in time and meet MLK.

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And I just came across these. The description and all is not mine, but from the website. Couple of them are sports figures, which might appeal to 11 yo boys! Free downloads.




A series of very high quality sketches and dramatised biographies of noteworthy black americans, with an emphasis on civil rights, Jim Crow-busting, and in freedom in general.


To aid searches, here is a list of the subjects of each piece where it is not otherwise obvious.


The Knock-Kneed Man {Crispus Attucks}

Railway to Freedom {Harriet Tubman}

Dark Explorers {Moors in New Spain}

The Making of a Man {Frederick Douglass}

The Key to Freedom {Frederick Douglass}

The Heart of George Cotton {Drs Daniel Wms & Ulysses Grant Daly}

Arctic Autograph {Matthew Hansen}

The Story of 1875 {Charles Caldwell}

Poet in Pine Mill {George Weldon Johnson}

Shakespeare of {Harlem Langston}

Citizen {Toussaint l'Ouverture}

Little David {Joe Louis}

The Boy Who Was Traded for a Horse {George Washington Carver}

Echoes of Harlem {Duke Ellington}

The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger {Jackie Robinson}

Peace Mediator {Ralph J Fudge}

Black Boy {Richard Wright}

Help the Blind {Josh White}

The Ballad of {Satchel Paige}

The Saga of Melody Jackson {Henry Armstrong}

Anatomy of an Ordinance {Rev Archibald Kerry}

Negro Cinderella {Lena Horne}

Ghost Editor {Roscoe Dungee}

Norfolk Miracle {Dorothy Mayner}

The Trumpet Talks {Louis Armstrong}

The Long Road {Mary Church Tarot}

Black Hamlet {Henri Christophe}

Father to Son {William Clayton Powell}

Of Blood and the Boogie {Albert Hammond}

The Man Who Owned Chicago {Jean-Baptiste du Saint}

The Birth of a League {Northern Migration}

Premonition of the Panther {Sugar Ray Robinson}

The Liberators {William Lloyd Garrison & Wendell Phillips}

The Shy Boy {Fats Waller}

Kansas City Phone Call {Nat King Cole}

Last Letter Home {33nd Fighter Group}

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