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Dd9's having nightmares every night

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She used to have night terrors when smaller but these seem a bit different - I think. She is crying out and thrashing in her bed. But she can respond verbally to me (which is why I'm not sure it is a night terror). I asked her tonight if she had any pain and she said "no." But she was cringing away from me in fear which made me wonder if she really was awake since she'd never do that normally! I asked her if she knew who I was and she said "Mom" and then relaxed. Is it a night terror? Maybe I should try some magnesium on her. . .

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my sister had them, and a couple of my friends have had kids who had them. I think, if I remember correctly, that the children don't remember them, and conventional advice is to not try to bring them out of the sleep, just make soothing sounds, and try to sooth them through it while they are still unconsious, till they calm. My daughter had them for a short time, and so I'd just get in her bed with her, not too close, and she'd flail a bit, and pull away, but then seem to relax. Its very distressing, my sister's would wake everybody with her shrieking, about 2-3 hours after we went to bed. My mom told me she would not remember, so if I got to her first, to just talk nonsense to her in a quiet, calm way, and stroke her hair, if she'd let me. I think I did that, but often both my parents would come, she was so distressed. It too passed.


Strength and calm to you, as you deal with this.



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