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7th Grade Science for non-academic kid


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I went through the massive science thread, and have also been looking at every single cirriculum on the internet. I am totally overwhelmed and no closer to picking a cirriculum.


We are doing Oak Meadow for our base cirriculum. Oak Meadow is heavy on reading text and writing assignments. Next year I want to keep Oak Meadow for English and History, but substitute something else for science that will be more interesting and not the same format of heavy text reading and writing assignments. Something with pages of solid text she has to read through IS NOT what I am looking for.


My DD12 is on grade level, but not a super "academically minded" kid. She is ADD-inattentive and gets bored easily. So, I'm not concerned with a cirriculum being "challenging" or "meaty", although obviously I don't want something that's not useful either. She is learning plenty of good writing skills from her Oak Meadow subjects. So for science, I am mostly wanting something that breaks things up a bit, and (God-forbid) she might actually enjoy.


Seriously....I would consider anything a total success that teaches her something (even something small), and that she actually enjoyed doing.


Would anyone make a recommendation based on my particular kid and what our priorities are?

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I really like this series of books.


There is: Weather projects for young scientists

Engineering the City

The Art of Construction

Earthquakes , Volcanoes, and Tsunamis

The Science of LIfe


They are geared for ages 9-12, have a easy reading level and easy experiments. I'm using them this year as a supplement. They are not real thick, but don't seem childish either. You might find them at your library.

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Are TOPS just activities or are they actual lessons? Also, how do you decide which sets to choose? The grade levels listed are so broad.



It has teaching tips and notes, I dont know how detailed. A friend uses these so I could ask her if I could see them. I would start for this age either with Life or Earth and Space. I will ask my friend if she supplements with anything or what- but her dc are VERY VERY good in science!

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