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CC: Devotion book for teenage son

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Can someone recommend a good devotion/Bible study book that will "stretch" DS? I'm trying to stay away from the basic stuff (he's been well taught in the Christian faith) and I also don't want the "preachy" stuff that just tells them what they can't do. Sorry to be difficult :tongue_smilie: This kid really needs to think about his commitment to God and what that requires from him as a young man.

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My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers, is probably my all-time favorite devotional book. It is a classic and you'll probably find it on B&N bookshelves. You can get an updated version; just make sure it's not so edited that the original message is lost. Oswald Chambers has provoked my thinking unlike any other author. It's fresh, free from any denominational sway and deep. I believe My Utmost for His Highest is a compliation of lectures Chambers gave to his students at Oxford. Hard to get stuff that good and that thought-provoking in contemporary devotionals.


Your son might also enjoy Radical, by David Platt. Not a devotional, but a book that he could break up and read through daily. Platt is an outstanding young pastor whose preaching (and now prose) breakthrough much of the last generation's surface level stuff.


Finally, I heartily recommend books by John Piper. Again, a pastor who is walking the walk and not only exposits the word but speaks so relevantly.




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In 7th-8th, my ds and dh read the Bob Schultz books (Boyhood & Beyond, Created For Work). They have good lessons in them.


My ds is really liking the Purpose Driven Life book right know. I know that whole ministry gets controversial, but for my teen it seems clear & meaningful & inspiring.


Last year, my ds really enjoyed some of the missions biographies about young men that were scheduled in MFW's ECC (Bruchko, The Narrow Road).


I've liked some of the audios from the young men who wrote Do Hard Things. I haven't read their book, but they are good speakers and seem to have the approach that not expecting much of teens is keeping them down and reducing their potential (rather than giving them an easier life).

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