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How do you organize your books?

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I have just received some wonderful gifts from some great ladies on these boards! Now I am trying to figure out the best way to organize them for good use. I don't think I have ever owned this many books!!! We have things like curriculum that we will want to use now and some for later. There are things to use for reference books. Also, we will start our study of Ancients next year and there are books for that. So do you do by subject, type i.e. reference, reader, by child? What has worked best for you? I don't want to put these up and forget to use them or know when to use them.

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Mine are organized by topic. All the science books together (then split by topic - biology, physics, chemistry, general science, human body, etc.), all the history books together, all the Spanish books together.


Fictional books, the classics, are organized by author.


Easy readers are just lumped together. I've also started to give these away once they are read unless they are an absolute favorite.


I have way too many books. :001_smile:

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I am fortunate that we have two school bookcases.


One has schoolbooks. Each boy has one shelf with his current schoolbooks, I have a shelf for current curricula and teacher materials, there's a math manipulative and early reader shelf, and the top shelf is on-deck curricula and general homeschool materials.


The other has a game shelf, a shelf of large and reference books, and shelves divided loosely by subject: Art, music and foreign language; science, nature, and outdoor activities; history and geography. I keep history books related to the time period we're studying on the history shelf, our science reference books and books related to our current topic on the science shelf, and so on. Once a science or history book (for example) is no longer needed for school, I release it into the wild. (Really I put it onto the boys' bookshelf).


All the other books go on a shelf in the boys' room or in our upstairs bookshelf.



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For all "school books" they are organized by subject.


For all "reader" type books *even if they go along with a particular curriculum* they are in our "library" bookcase by certain catergories in tubs marked on the shelf...ex. "Magic School Bus Books", "Animal Fiction", "ABC, 123's & Colors/Shapes"...and so on...


If I didn't have SOME sort of organization I'd be crazy :p


I have a pic of our little library that I can post this week as it's still on my camera since I just put them like this recently.


Here is our school book storage as well lots of other things....like supplies and puzzles and what not...This is an OLD picture though. We have ALOT mroe now...but I can get you a new pic this week..



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We have thousands of books, so organizing them too specifically would be a nightmare. However, in general, I have one bookcase for classic literature and poetry, one for non-fiction, one for modern fantasy, one for children's books, one just for my favorite books, and one for the books that we keep but no one really wants to read anytime soon. And then there are a few boxes for books that we don't have bookcases for.

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