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best video/docum for civil rights unit?

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I'm looking for recommendations for compelling footage, not necessarily deep analysis. This is one unit I think can be dramatically reinforced with pictures (it didn't happen all that long ago and that's what I want to communicate). Looking especially for retelling/dramatization or actual TV footage about desegregation events, schools, sit-ins.


Thanks for any ideas you can share!

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Here's a summary I wrote of a video we enjoyed:


Martin Luther King, Jr., The Man and the Dream,

A&E Biography video, 50 minutes (though the last 10 you could skip, about Vietnam & later things we hadn't covered yet).

This was pretty even-handed. It's for older kids, though. It presents MLK as a human being with different foibles, but doesn't go too much into scandals & the like. My son liked hearing from actual folks who knew him & were still alive to talk about it.

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Are you just interested in African American rights or are you covering Global Human Rights?


I have been studying Human Rights, and was lucky enough to get a cheap used 3 vol set of the Human Rights Encyclopedia, that I am so happy to own.


I don't have the link handy but the New York Times NIE (Newspapers in Education) site has a full page of downloadable PDF lessons of which one of them is on Human Rights and helps to link up reading the newspaper with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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