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Ack! It was the flu

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Dd's fever shot up to 104 yesterday afternoon. I just got back from the doc. She tested positive for type A. So, now she gets Tamiflu, and an inhaler- oh, goody.

A friend's dd had it last week- same symptoms. High fever, some pain in lower back. She did say this am that her dd eventually got aches/pains, but it didn't start out that way.

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Oldest dd had type A and I had a different one... (I forgot to ask which one!).


We are crossing our fingers that we do not 'SWITCH' since our immune systems are still down...


Oh yuck! :grouphug: I hope we don't get that here. I'm really hoping ds doesn't get it. He has a basketball tournament next weekend, and he missed the 1st two. :glare:

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