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Friends adopting in Florida.... Book suggestions?

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Hey There!


My friends are adopting;the 2 girls are younger than 6. I'm looking for not too scary book suggestions for bonding, keeping them away from too many people for however long.... Doesn't sound like any talk of RAD but I wanted good suggestions for what they should do... and read... to cement the "family".


I asked if they'd like suggestions... and they said yes.


No bio parents or family to deal of... parents died... and no family heard of .. yet ... at least....



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PS, They are planning to put the girls in school... so.... that's fine... just wanted to note that.
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Lovely children's book about a little bird who wants a mother, but the other animals he approaches say they can't be his mother because they don't have striped feet or yellow feathers or whatever like him. Mrs. Bear finds him crying and asks, "If you had a mother, what would she do?" And Choco answers that she would sign and dance with him, so she does. Then Mrs. Bear asks if she can be his mother. He goes home to his new mother, whose other children are an alligator and a pig, "And Choco is very glad that his new mother looks just the way she does."


It is a beautiful story about how acting like a family makes us a family.


Terri (who wishes she looked even one tiny bit like her beautiful adopted daughter)

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