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Odd SAT Subject test question

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Hi everyone,


Does *every* test center that offers the regular SAT also offer the SAT Subject tests? As in we just register for the test and choose a location and show up like we did for the ACT?


Locally, there is a testing center that offers the SAT test, and the University, but neither place specifically states they offer the SAT Subject tests. I'm trying to avoid the high schools at all costs, as it's definitely an unfriendly environment--- it's *not* hs friendly here.... not even a lukewarm feeling; more like hostile.


Anyway, if anyone knows the answer to this, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks in advance!!

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Well, from our experience, not all testing centers offer all subject tests on all test dates. When you sign up with CB for a subject test they do give you the option of which location you'd like BUT it is still best to call the testing site first to confirm. WE signed up for a GErman language/listening test which is only offered once a year and CB had it being given at our local hs. Fine. After I signed up, I bumped into the school person administering tests and she said they weren't giving the test. I tried to cancel but CB assured me it WAS being given and that if they list it they send out a person to administer it. That's bunk. At the last minute they reassigned us to a testing site 100 miles away. SO, check with the test site FIRST. That's my advice!



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Argh, those *so* weren't the answers I wanted to hear. :sad: (But thank you for sharing, ladies!!!)


When do I call the school? Before registering or right before test day? Or both?


Mary, your story is awful! Did your child end up taking the test?


Can I check the testing sites & offerings without actually registering for a test?


Thinking..... thinking....

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My suggestion would be to call as far in advance as possible so that you have time to make alternate plans if necessary. The schools will know if they offer the test well before CB changes it online. I cannot remember if you can 'see' the list of test sites before you commit to taking the test through the online registration process. You could check it out or maybe someone here has done it recently and remembers the various steps. OR, call CB! It is still best to call locally though...sorry.


My ds did not get to take the SAT Subject test because the 100 mile drive was over snowy mountain roads in Nov....I was so ticked at CB that I got a number for some manager somewhere and read him the riot act. Wish I had saved his name and number and posted it here for others.


Good luck!



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