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  1. After so many "ick" posts, I was so happy to see your "meh" post! :D We also grew up swimming in greenish pools. Florida + concrete pool = Dad going nuts trying to treat and keep clean. Dad did a great job, but once in a while, there was a greenish tinge and we went in anyway. Once, though, we went swimming at a friend's house and it was green, green, green. We all just made an effort not to swallow any water. :tongue_smilie: I also don't remember any ill effects. It was routine to add the vinegar/alcohol mix to ears after getting out, though.
  2. Oh my goodness! Tons and tons of :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  3. My dd just finished French 2 and the French 2 conversations classes w/Mme. S. and I *heartily* recommend her. I'll try to answer your questions: 1. I'm not sure on this, as dd did the work in her room. It wasn't tons, but it got the job done. Dd scored very well on the National French Exam. 2. I'm not sure on this, so I asked dd. She said their accents were corrected and suggestions made on how & what to change, but not overly so. I would imagine greater emphasis on accents would come in French 3 or 4. Honestly, my French is understandable, but I have problems with certain acc
  4. I'm so glad to hear things are improving! Your threads had me worried (and I even bookmarked them for future reference!). I hope this is the end now and things will be back to normal soon! :grouphug:
  5. Instead of "it's the little things in life", we should be saying "it's the frivolous things in life" that are important. I'm glad you found the salon. My hair salon (10 minutes from my house) does nails, massages, etc. I'm just too chicken to venture out of my stylist's chair to partake in the other offerings there. Maybe one day....
  6. This reminded me of a time many years ago... a bunch of us went out after work for 'Happy Hour'. One lady said she was opposed to anyone drinking alcohol for moral reasons, and proceeded to order a non-alcoholic beer. The rest of us were like :001_huh::001_huh:. :confused: Oh, my. **SNORT** Denise, I don't care what title your thread has or what term you use.... I'm glad you found something that works for you!!
  7. My problem is that it isn't allowed, yet people flagrantly ignore the rules/laws rather than act to have them changed. I liken them to speeders and stop sign runners. The rules are meant for others, not them. In all my times in France I have never seen a dog in a grocery store, shopping mall, or a home & garden store. And never *inside* a restaurant. Outside on the sidewalk cafes? Yes. But not inside those places. Does that mean it doesn't happen? Of course not. I just haven't seen it in my time there. It just really bothers me that this has become so widespread here and that peop
  8. I am so sorry you are going through this. :grouphug: :grouphug: Hijack alert... this is funny. I had to explain the "peanut gallery" comment to several people older than me. I thought the thread a while back about the 'pod people' was funny, too. I also had to explain to a younger-than-me cashier (but not *young*) a comment dh made (when we bought hot dog buns, chips, and cole slaw, but no hot dogs) about hot dog buns with ketchup being like hamburger helper, and didn't need the meat (from Vacation w/Chevy Chase). I'm feeling old. :glare: To get back on topic, I agree with those w
  9. :iagree: (but substitute "babies" for "baby"). How interesting!! I had multiple ultrasounds with both pregnancies, but many more with my first. He is a lefty.
  10. This thread has me going :001_huh: :lol: :smilielol5: and :ack2:. Just over the weekend, I saw some very scruffy looking woman and her Dog Baby coming out of Kroger. Eeww!! I sure wish stores would clamp down on these dogs being brought in. I think it's gross to bring them in stores, etc. A few weeks ago, some guy had his pitt bull in Lowe's. :confused: Diane, I would have said something. Being a gracious host(ess) is one thing, but when it comes to hygiene issues that affect the rest of the people eating.... I wouldn't have been able to stop myself. I wouldn't have been nasty, bu
  11. These questions aren't ones we can answer. As others have said, ccs are different. Also, teachers are different within a cc. I think the thing you should most consider is your son and his abilities/strengths/weaknesses. He should take the placement tests and/or the ACT or SAT. This will give you, him, and the college an idea of where he stands wrt college readiness. Other things to consider (in no particular order) are: * is he mature? * how will he handle a difficult course? * how will he handle a course where no grades are returned until the week before finals (ds had one of
  12. Arrgh! None of the unis my son is looking at are listed there. Does that mean each app will be different? Ugh! Thanks for posting that list. I thought (mistakenly!) that it would have been the privates that used their own app. Interesting (in an annoying way!).
  13. Thanks, Jane! That link is great. We do plan to have ds apply ASAP if for no other reason than to get it out of the way. :001_smile: Thanks for this, too. I keep poking around the unis' websites, but see no mention of common app or their own. I'm assuming (dangerous, I know!) that since they are all public unis that they'll use the common app. This whole process scares the heck out of me! When I was ready to think about college, I took the ACT once, sent in one uni application and that was that. No LORs, no guidance counselor letters, nothing. Just my app and a check for the
  14. I have a senior in the fall, too. I'm quite nervous about the whole application process!! Can I ask about the part I bolded? How does one gain access to the application to print out? I checked three unis that my ds is interested in, and they are all online and require a password. Do I (he) just create an account and when we get to the application, just print it out? Also, the three unis I looked at all say their apps will be available Aug 1... am I just looking at unis with different procedures than you? TIA!
  15. Wear a watch. The first time ds took the ACT, the clock was in the rear of the room. :001_huh: Bring extra batteries for the calculator and extra pencils with good erasers. The test is long. Be prepared for a very tired child after it is over. Ds found it easier the second time he took it because it was familiar to him. Good luck to your son!!
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