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Can you share what is in your gluten-free pantry/fridge?

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Thinking about going gluten-free as the only way to "test" if dh or ds are intolerant. I've been reading all about those inaccurate tests and feel like it would just be wasting precious time to do all those tests only to get a likely false-neg. result, kwim? So, if you are gluten-free, could you please share what exactly is in your fridge and your pantry? Thanks so much. I know the obvious...eggs, cheese, milk (if you are not also casein free), yogurt, fruits/veggies, meats, ice cream, frozen yogurts, etc. What about the pantry? Can you eat nuts/seeds? I know of only 1 normal cereal that is 100% gluten free and that is Corn Chex. I'm guessing no oatmeal? My pantry will be bare!

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Not extensive at all, but some things to get you started:

Udi's bread and bagels

corn tortillas

plenty of fruit

plenty of vegetables


lunch meat

Panda Puffs breakfast cereal

GF oatmeal

nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts)

dried fruit (raisins, cherries, bananas)

Tomato soup

Tamari (instead of soy)

balsmic vinegar

olive oil/ canola oil

grains (basamati rice, arborio for risotto, brown rice, sushi rice, amaranth, quinoa, grits, polenta)

flours (tapioca, cornstarch, potato starch, brown rice, teff, buckwheat, chickpea, sweet rice, amaranth)

canned tomatoes

tomato sauce



freezer: gluten free pizza crust for make your own pizza

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Rice chex is also GF.


In my pantry I have a variety of GF flours, but you aren't baking right away. If you think you want to bake get GF bisquik or a GF Betty Crocker mix while your are acclimating to the general "what am I making for breakfast/lunch/dinner?"



Brown rice




dried beans

canned beans

nuts and seeds

Nut butters

peanut butter (sun butter, if you have a peanut allergy)

GF tamari sauce (replaces soy sauce which is not GF)--I think the brand is kikkoman

corn meal

condiment basics (mustard, salad dressings, etc)--read labels to be sure GF

lea and perrins worcestshire

canned fruits

apple sauce

apple cider vinegar (I used white vinegar too, but some people don't think the distillation of white vinegar renders it GF)

tuna fish

Bob's red mill GF hot cereal


that's a start

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Not all flavors of all brands of Ice Cream are OK. We do Breyers Mint Choc Chip most of the time. Lots of Breyers are good but things like cookie dough is not. Some publix brand flavors are safe, some turkey hill flavors are safe, you just have to read the labels.


Vigo yellow rice & mahatma saffron rice are both good

Zatarans has some that are safe as well

Spaghetti squash used to make spaghetti some times (It is different, but good)

Sweet potatoes

Spaghetti noodles, lasagna noodles, elbow macaroni made from either rice, corn or quinoa

Lea and Perrins Worch Sauce

Kroger brand soy sauce or San J Tamari Soy Sauce (DH had problems with la choy even though they don't list wheat as an ingredient)

Ken's ranch or italian dressing (you'll have to check the other flavors)

Mission queso

Corn Chips

pop corn

DH can do oatmeal if it is specifically gf

Cream of Rice Cereal

I usually by specific spices, not mixes unless I carefully read the ingredients.


At least awhile ago there were some brands of shredded cheese that used wheat or food starch for anti caking purposes. Kraft is a safe brand


All Boar's head lunchmeat is gf, not sure about the others.


Most sausage but not all is gf


I read labels on any meat that is marinated.


Corn Masa

Potato starch

Corn starch

Corn meal (both self rising and regular)

Mi del gf gingersnaps are good

Corn tortillas or cornchips for tacos (corn tortillas aren't as good as flour by any stretch)

Watch out for taco seasoning, some are safe some are not.


I would only get this stuff below if you are going to get into baking gf.

White rice flour

Extra fine ground brown rice flour

xanthan gum

soy flour

tapioca flour


If I think of some more I will edit this post and add to it.

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Truthfully, our pantry is largely bare. Anything in it is specifically labeled gluten free.


Avoid products with barley or barley malt or just "malt," unless you've confirmed it's gluten free.


Check the labels on ice cream, soy sauce, bullion - most of these contain gluten. As do shampoos, toothpaste, lotions, etc.


We tolerate oatmeal just fine, but it's not the oats that cause the problem, it's the potential for cross contamination with other gluten grains. Buy oatmeal that hasn't been processed with other grains.


Just about anything you would store in your pantry contains gluten. You have to read each label and know the hidden sources - malt, spelt, etc., you even have to beware of ingredients like "tomato paste" as that may contain gluten, even though wheat isn't listed.


If you're just trying to see if omitting gluten from your diet makes a difference, you probably don't have to go to extremes. However, if there is a true gluten intolerance, it may be that wheat particles in your kitchen will cause a reaction.


For a more complete list of safe/unsafe foods, visit celiac.com. Even if you're not concerned about celiac, per se, it's a good resource.

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In no particular order at all, here are some gf staples for us. We're also cf, so we only buy gfcf stuff.


Udi's bread

Quinoa pasta ("Ancient Harvest" brand)

Bell and Evans chicken tenders (These are better than typical major brand gluten-containing chicken tenders!)

Corn taco shells

Van's waffles

GF oats (Bob's)

Kinnitoos (Kinnikinnick "Oreos")

Coconut Dream Ice cream (they have gfcf cookie dough ice cream!)

Peanut Butter "Bumpers" cereal

Penzeys spices (all of their plain spices are gfcf, unless they've changed recently. I make my own taco seasoning, etc.)

Tamari wheat-free soy sauce


Other "typical" foods that we use in a GFCF diet:

Pik-Nick Sticks

Plain potato chips


"Pop" chips

fruit/fruit cups



plain meats, seasoned at home

Thai rice noodles

Thai kitchen fish sauce

coconut milk

Corn taco shells


Spaghetti sauce (check labels)


If you have to stay on the diet long term and want some staples to make bread, thicken sauces, etc., I'd start with these.


Brown rice flour

tapioca flour

garbanzo/fava flour

corn starch

xanthan gum


You can get a million different types of flour, but those will make almost any recipe you come across.


Be sure to buy gluten free baking powder/soda and vanilla, if you start baking gf goodies. :)





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