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Help with planning for musically inclined dc (Xpost)

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I need some guidance as I consider the last two years of dd's high school education. She wants to study music in college, particularly sacred music, but it seems more practical for different reasons that she considers a general music degree or even music education. I am not musically inclined and know nothing.


Dd plays violin but prefers singing. Her vocal experience is only in a church choir. It's a good one but it still a church choir that performs only traditional sacred music. It's a Latin Mass parish so you get the idea.


I've been looking at music programs and I've been trying to figure out how best to prepare her for the future. It seems that any music program would require her to become proficient in piano. She would probably also need voice lessons to prepare her for any auditions since voice would be her primary instrument.


I just thinking we have only so much money and so much time. How can I fit in piano lessons and voice lessons? It seems necessary but is it?


This dd works slowly and an evaluation verified low-processing speed, but has had good academic work verified by outside classes and the NLE.

For her 9th and 10th grade years, this is what will be on her transcript: (We are enrolled in Kolbe Academy so we have a lot of freedom but also certain requirements that we have to fulfill.)


3 English credits (1 Grammar & Comp and 2 literature based courses)

2 Math (Geometry & Algebra 2)

2 Science (Biology & Chemistry)

2 Latin (1 & 2)

2 History (Ancient & Modern)

2 Theology (General & Church history; required every year by Kolbe)

various half-credits in PE/art/music as per Kolbe's method of 1/2 credit for non-academic electives


What type of schedule should I consider for next year? Do I drop some academics? I could probably get away with this since she probably won't be going to a highly competitive college, but is that something I really want to do? That would be hard for me as an academic oriented mom who doesn't want to close any doors too early in the game.


Any thoughts?



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My input is limited to the little I know, as the mom of a music education major.


You might want to add a music theory course to her schedule, as she will need the background regardless of which direction she pursues musically. It does not have to be expensive, and I am sure others here can make recommendations. (I will be happy to ask my d/s if you wish--but he is sleeping now!)


Are there any local colleges/universities nearby that offer free or low-cost opportunities for performance & training? My d/d performs in a university orchestra for $100 per season, and the training is worth much more (I think) than her private lessons. You can also check your local music schools to find out if any offer scholarships for voice and/or piano lessons. Our school offers several each semester.

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Former music major here:


Yes, she will need piano.


If she becomes a voice major, she will have to take music theory, basic piano sight reading (a class that voice majors are notorious for doing badly at since many of them do not read music well), voice lessons that are both private and group.


If she goes into music education, she will take music theory, basic piano (but more than a voice major, I think), and will need to learn to play other instruments. She might need to take a group voice class. (I was not a music education major so am not sure. But I did have people with music ed. majors in my group voice class.

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I would talk with the admissions at some schools you are interested in and see what the options are. She is now at the age to start voice lessons but remember that all voice lessons are not equal. If she is not going into music performance ,voice expectations won't be so high. Piano helps with theory. Music school of any kind is very time consuming. The students have to keep up with academic work and all the music practice and performance. I think she'll find the right place but I'd start looking now.

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